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  1. Hi Guys, as a pretty addicted Orbx customer, I am wondering are there any plans to develop the City of Atlanta or the southeastern United States? This seems to be an underserved region besides KATL by some developers. Nobody, including MSFT and later Lockheed Martin, has developed anything near an accurate city of Atlanta. Also, what about Hawaii? This would seem to be a great environment for Orbx stuff. The region is reasonably large and a popular flying area.. I dont think the textures in Global base pack and vector do it justice. Great work as always men.
  2. I installed this and found it choppy and introduced stutters into P3D. I rolled back to 372.XX level which returned me back to smoothness. I have nvidia experience set up not to download newest drivers. its very good with the video recording tool it has.
  3. I have an upstar 28 inch UHD 4K monitor and run both my desktop and P3D at 3840x2160. I have a Asus Astrix GeForce 1070 video card and have Zero problems with it running in the 40-50 FPS range. Drops to the 20's in Norcal SFO area but otherwise runs schweet! What I am thinking about is a 43 inch UHD 4K flat screen television next as a monitor. I am assuming I can use that.
  4. So glad for this thread because I logged on today to ask a very similar question. I have FSX acceleration boxed edition installed on its own drive with lots of excellent FTX stuff installed I am planning to move to P3D 3.0 however. I purchased a brand new 3TB drive to hold P3D so I could have both FSX and P3D on dedicated drives under windows 10. I had wondered what technique to use to have Orbx products used in P3D. I suppose now I will just wait til the new multi installer will come to install my various products. Am curious how FTX Central manages dual installations? Does it have two instances etc? Very much looking forward to having all my toys in one box with the new sim. Eric
  5. Devils tower is excellent, a large file for the HD but very pretty. One thing I was (slightly) disappointed in. You cant land on it. I tried to land on top of it with a helo and went straight through. Maybe thats where the aliens are? Its hollow. ) What an easter egg that would be...
  6. Dont know what happened with the multiple posts. Sorry. Admin, please delete the others. Actually, I would be OK with a one and done enterprise level purchase. If I bought everything on a ONE OFF basis, could I get a deal. I understand the issues with a subscription model.
  7. The avsim poster is right. I usually do not buy airports. The size of the files is pretty huge. up to 1 GB when regional sceneries are about 4-5 GB. However, this was so well done, I purchased it this morning, but not before having a look at Google Earth. I compared Google Earth to the KSEZ scenery and holy sh*te! its a match exactly. Reminds me of the satisfaction I used to get with the Georender sceneries.
  8. At one time. Is there some special deal that the ORBX team would make for an enterprise level subscription? Would you also bundle it in some form in terms of a hard drive etc? Would you consider a subscription model that allows install of every product released for a fixed period of time? I seem to be biting the elephant one bite at a time, when perhaps its better to buy the elephant.
  9. THis looks awesome...where does oen get this?
  10. This was one of the original Georender airports for FS9 that was just great. Given the release of Monument Valley, its only 95 miles from UT25 (Monument valley airport) to KBCE. Shows off the scenery extremely well in just a 1 hour flight. Its a nice little flight from Bryce Canyon to las Vegas as well right over the Grand Canyon.
  11. Well, I couldnt find it and the FTX site doesnt have a link to the purchase location yet. Edit...never mind...saw link above...downloading now... ;-)
  12. Does anyone know if an FTX/Orbx version of S86 Sky harbor airport is in the works or planned? This was one of my very, very favorite GeoRender airports back in the day. Doesnt appear theres an FSX version and I miss the old girl. http://www.airnav.com/airport/S86
  13. Excellent. I use Win8.1 and classic shell interface, so I am pretty happy with it to be honest. I never did Win7 but held out with good old XP pro until MS said they wouldnt support it any longer. I use win7 at work and am also happy with it. To see the return of the normal win desktop front end for PC's pleases me greatly. I think I'll wait awhile before trying the new stuff even in beta. I used to want to beta test everything and did for a long time. However, Im older now and simply want it all to just work. (did I just advertise for Mac?) E
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