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  1. HB Nick Cooper

    Happy Birthday Nick. May good things always come to you, mate. Cheers, Voyager
  2. Fat Albert Triple

    Beautiful captures. I liked a lot. Voyager
  3. Engine failure after takeoff

    Great catch, nailed shot. Voyager iPad - Tapatalk
  4. Didnt know ORBX China looked so good!

    Very nice indeed. Voyager iPad - Tapatalk
  5. Grand Coulee Dam - ACA Scout

    Smashing sequence of nice screenshots. Voyager iPad - Tapatalk
  6. Cabin Fever

    So fine captures. Voyager iPad - Tapatalk
  7. Coast Guard C-130

    Smashing screenshots. Voyager iPad - Tapatalk
  8. Basler to Catalina

    Wonderful set of shots. Very nice DC-3. Voyager iPad - Tapatalk
  9. A Poker from Inuvik (CYEV)

    Smashing screenshots. Voyager
  10. Arriba EspaƱa!

    Very nice indeed. Voyager
  11. Untitled

    Impressive colors. Very nice screenshots. Voyager
  12. Wow...

    Amazing captures. Loved them. Voyager
  13. Chopping around

    Cracking shots. Liked them all. Voyager
  14. Ship spotting

    Fantastic. Very showy. Voyager
  15. Hasta la vista Camberra

    Beautiful. A striking shot. Voyager