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  1. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D v5 Screenshot: Issue: Rinstall Orbx without downloads I am having to reinstall everything including Orbx (P3D V5 thing) Can I uninstall Orbx scenery and reinstall without the need to re download everything, which takes an age? Thank You central.log
  2. Thanks Nick I looked but never saw the posts. Chann
  3. England and Trees can see the sim, but Global base is having an issue??? This is after a full reinstall today (post the p3dV5 hotfix). I have tried the Help... ReSync with sim, but that never helped? All help appreciated. THank you
  4. Could not find that setting. I had Dynamic 3d Autogen unboxed, but turning down (off) the autgen vegitation density has taken them away. Thank you.
  5. Not sure if I am in the correct area of the forum? P3dV5 using True Earth Great Britain South and the trees are totally unrealistic See the picture, they are way too green. All help appreciated please Thank you Chann
  6. Replying to myself, to close this. Seems I never had an Orbx account, only here in the forums. The Flightsimstore was where I purchased all of my products and it is now closed! I have found the advice in the forums and created a ticket with copies of my emails. I also created an Orbx account with Central installed awaiting my ticket so that I can re install my products on this PC. Chann
  7. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3d V5 Screenshot: Issue: Password reset not working
  8. Nick You are a star. It is now installing as it should. Many thanks for your super fast support. Please mark as resolved. Have a wonderful Christmas. Chann
  9. Thanks Nick, but I have no Orbx folders I deleted them all from the drive when I deleted FSX in its entirety, I will try and install the lib, just do not know where. Worryingly I cannot uninstall FTX central as it does not show in the Control panel as an application (but we know it is) Hmm.
  10. Hi, I have been using ORBX for many years. I have now moved to P3d V3 (clean vanilla install - no FSX on the PC) I downloaded the latest global base (4.4Gb) from flightsim store but it will not install saying that it cannot find the sim (P3DV3) which is installed and runs well on the PC (all be it on a separate SSD in the PC. During the install this is what I get Followed by And then this As you can see there is no mention of P3D V3 ? These were the files I extracted from the .zip that I download at Flight Sim Store. Can you please help Thank you in advance Chann
  11. Hi I have just re installed the following airports and need some help please EGHA EGHI EGHP and EGKA I now have an oceania in FTX Central and I keep getting the following error message Custom Files Validation ReportCustom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDA2.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDA2LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDE2.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDE2LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDE3.BMP Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDE3LM.BMP Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDG2.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDG2LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDG3.BMP Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDG3LM.BMP Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDI2.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDI2LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDI3.BMP Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDI3LM.BMP Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDK2.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDK2LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDL2.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDL2LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDM2.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDM2LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDT2.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDT2LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDT3.BMP Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDT3LM.BMP Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDV2.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDV2LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDY2.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDY2LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDZ2.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDZ2LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDZ3.BMP Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BLDZ3LM.BMP Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Africa_Central.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Africa_Central_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Africa_South.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Africa_South_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Asia_Central.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Asia_Central_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Asia_Cold_Dry.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Asia_Cold_Dry_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Asia_Indian.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Asia_Indian_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Asia_Industrial.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Asia_Industrial_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Australia.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Australia_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Australia_North.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Australia_North_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Australia_Red.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Australia_Red_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Eurasia.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Eurasia_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Europe_Central.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Europe_Central_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Europe_Mediterranean_East.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Europe_Mediterranean_East_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Europe_Mediterranean_West.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Europe_Mediterranean_West_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Europe_NorthCentral.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Europe_NorthCentral_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Europe_West.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Europe_West_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Middle_East.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Middle_East_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_North_America_North.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_North_America_North_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_North_America_South.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_North_America_South_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_North_America_Southwest.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_North_America_Southwest_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Oceania_South.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Oceania_South_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_South_America_East.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_South_America_East_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_South_America_West.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_South_America_West_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Tropical_Pacific.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Tropical_Pacific_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Tropics_American.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Tropics_American_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Tropics_Asian.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\roof_Tropics_Asian_LM.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\lclookup.bgl Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\BridgeRoads.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_ChestnutMaple.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_ChestnutMaple_FA.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_ChestnutMaple_HW.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_ChestnutMaple_SP.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_ChestnutMaple_WI.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_CottonwoodElm.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_CottonwoodElm_FA.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_CottonwoodElm_HW.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_CottonwoodElm_SP.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_CottonwoodElm_WI.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_MesquiteOlive.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_MesquiteOlive_FA.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_MesquiteOlive_HW.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_MesquiteOlive_SP.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_MesquiteOlive_WI.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_OakSycamore.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_OakSycamore_FA.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_OakSycamore_HW.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_OakSycamore_SP.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_OakSycamore_WI.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_thin.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_thin_FA.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_thin_HW.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_thin_SP.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_Broadleaf_thin_WI.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_conifer1.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_conifer1_HW.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_palm1.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_savanna1.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_savanna1_FA.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_savanna1_HW.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_savanna1_SP.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_savanna1_WI.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_tropical1.dds Custom file does not exist.F:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.au\veg_tropical2.dds Found the answer here. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/86257-only-installed-england-and-english-airports-but-have-oceania/?hl=%2Bcustom+%2Bfiles+%2Bvalidation+%2Breport THanks I found a solution here http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/86257-only-installed-england-and-english-airports-but-have-oceania/?hl=%2Bcustom+%2Bfiles+%2Bvalidation+%2Breport THanks I found a solution here http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/86257-only-installed-england-and-english-airports-but-have-oceania/?hl=%2Bcustom+%2Bfiles+%2Bvalidation+%2Breport THanks
  12. Downloaded and tried another couple of times and eventually got it to work without errors. I guess it was in the download, but only a guess.
  13. Help I have downloaded the OrbxFTXGlobalBase130.zip four times now (each time takes just under one hour) I have unzipped each time successfully Sadly about 20 minutes into the install I get the following error. I have now been trying this for over four hour and I am at my wits end.... Please help. Thank you.
  14. Hi Holger and JD No idea what it was, I turned down a few of the internal FSX scenery settings and that changed nothing, I then closed and rebooted FSX a few times with various settings still the same problem. As the day was drawing to an end I opted for the full reboot of the whole PC and it seems to have cleared it. Please can you close this for now - I will re open if it ever happens again and fails to clear with a reboot. Thank you for the support Chann
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