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  1. Hi all. Following the release of MSFS it seems there is little or no development/product releases for P3D. Are there any plans for the introduction of a Cityscape for Sydney, or airports for Kingsford-Smith and/or Bankstown? Thx Mike
  2. Kinda-sorta resolved. Had to reload the airports (Change location) in p3d V5.1 hf1 in question. Mark as resolved.
  3. Hi All. Probably a dumb question; - is there anyway to manually specify a parking position at an airport? I mean outside of what is available in P3D. Thx
  4. Sure did. I have several other programs on here - Office 365, etc. Probably is one of those interfering. Anyhow, it's a minor detail as the simulator is working fine other than that one thing. I just live with it. Thanks for y'alls help. Mike
  5. Yes I did check and it is ticked. Any thing else you can think of that I might try? Thanks, Mike
  6. Thanks Nick. My English could do with some work - I hate this getting old stuff ;-)
  7. Hi All. I must be going nuts as I thought I had already posted this question. However, I can't find it. After reinstalling P3D 5.1 HF1 and re-syncing the Orbx scenery files, I cannot move the avatar at all. Have tried reassigning keys; resetting defaults etc to no avail. The J(ump) and C(rouch) keys work but nothing else will. I was wondering if anyone has encountered this? The avatar moves fine until I re-synced the Orbx scenery file. If I uninstall the the Orbx files, it (avatar) works. Any suggestions? Thanks,
  8. Hi All. Does anyone else the problem of the Avatar not responding to after installing Orbx Scenery? It worked fine in P3D V5 however after installing 5.1 and hf1 I can no longer move the avatar using the wasd keys. Have tried resetting and changing the keys, and resorting to resetting the default keys, however, the only thing works is the J(ump) and C(rouch) key. Oddly, the problem did not start until I installed the Orbx scenery files.. If there is a workaround would appreciate hearing about it. Thanks, Mike
  9. Found it Nick - Under 'Help'. Thx, Please mark this as resolved.
  10. Thanks Nick - Where do I find that? Can't seem to locate it in Central. Mike
  11. Hi All. I just had to completely uninstall P3D v5.1 HF1 to get it to work. All of my Orbx scenery files are located in the Orbx Lib outside of P3d. Central shows the files installed in P3d however, they don't appear in the scenery. Do I have to reinstall them? Or is there some way to link them back to the fresh install of P3d? Thanks, Mike
  12. Hi All. Curious: Are there any plans for a True Earth for Oceania in P3d V5/5.1? Thanks,
  13. K. Thanks. I'll tick it as I have the latest version on V2 and see what happens. Thx
  14. Hi All. Running P3D V5 and just noticed that in most of the Orbx Australian Airports the default for Orbx Australia V2 Terrain files are disabled. Is there any significance to this or, is it OK to activate them? Thx, Mike
  15. Thanks Nick. Will do. Please mark as resolved.
  16. Hi All. After installing P3D V5 and Orbx scenery files I get an error on taxiway path with 0 width. Does anyone know what this error is? "[error.xxx] error=Taxiway path with 0 width" - And/Or how to fix it? It appears to be associated with Orbx airport files??? There are 330 errors. Thanks, Mike
  17. Hi All. Does anyone know if ANTS airfields, specifically vol 1, work in P3D V5? I am interested in YCOM and several of the snowy mountains airports. I grew up there in the 50's and 60's and flew to many of these fields. If so, are there any instructions for installing it? I'm new to P3D and it does not appear to have an add-on scenery directory so I'm not sure where to put the files. Thanks, Mike
  18. Hi all. I installed P3d V5, no problems; ran fine. Installed my Orbx scenery and airports; V5 hung at Loading Terrain - 5% (or so I thought). Uninstalled all Orbx and reinstalled one at a time. I currently have the following installed: Global Base Orbx Libs TerraFlora 2 AUS v2 Tyabb Morrabin P3D takes a full 40 mins to load - Runs fine however. It seems that after installing each scenery or airfield, it adds anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to the terrain load. Has anyone else experienced this?
  19. Empire - is there a problem installing both on the same drive?? Thx
  20. Thanks for y'alls comments. Really appreciated. I'll see how it all goes. P3d V5 has another 11 mins to finish downloading. Thanks again.
  21. Hi All. When removing FSX to install P3d, do I need to uninstall all of the Orbx scenery and airports or can I simply format the disk that I'll be installing to? Thx, Mike
  22. Hi petfy. "may find that you need in P3D" Does this refer to planes only or other items? I'll be installing P3D V5. Thx
  23. Hi Nick. "for things that don't work in P3D v4" - What things? I'll be installing Pd3 V5. Thx
  24. When installing P3D over FSX, I keep thinking I read somewhere that I should leave FSX installed?? Not sure if that is correct as I really do not want to carry both FSX and P3D on the system. Should I completely uninstall FSX including all Orbx scenery files? I did read on the REX forum that they suggest leaving Sky Force 3D installed. Thanks for your advice. Mike
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