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  1. What is the average age of flight simmers? Any idea? When I look at the various forums, it seems that the majority of folks are over 50. Just curios. Thx
  2. Struggling to wait patiently for this :-)
  3. I remember in the 60's when YMEN was the main airport in Melbourne. Flew in many times from both Morrabin and Tyabb. Was a great airport. PS: Still waiting for the high speed train from Tullamarine that was promised when it began construction
  4. Thanks for the replies. I am getting the feeling that development for FSX is very much in decline. Thx
  5. Hi all. Does anyone know if the YTYA release for P3Dv4 will work on FSX / FSX:SE? Thanks, Mike
  6. Don't forget the brumby herds in Kosciuszko National Park in Australia V2. They are a national icon. I know they probably not going to be there. Was reading an article about them recently and remember them from my childhood on the Snowy.
  7. Have a look here: https://www.sydney.com/things-to-do/food-and-wine/sydney-restaurants/gourmet-dining
  8. Born on Guam in '49 and have memories of Japanese soldiers being pulled out of the jungles in the early to mid 50's. I still flinch at the sound of a siren as a result of almost daily air raid warning practices. Regardless, wonderful memories of a tropical paradise now ruined by tourism.
  9. Dale, on my first cross country nav back in the early '60s, I showed my sectional chart all wrapped in plastic, to my instructor. "Nice." he said before throwing it in the back seat and pulling out a road map.
  10. Hi Areo. I'll be sticking with FSX:SE until I see how everything pans out with the 64 bit renditions. Seems we had a real rash of them this year - P3DV4; Aerofly, X-Plane, Dovetail's FSW. It'll be interesting to see who winds up supporting what sim(s). Thanks,
  11. Thanks Doug. My experience was the exact opposite. Steam edition for me is far smoother than the boxed edition. I will say this; when I first tried the steam edition when it was first introduced, I did have a lot of problems. Left it alone. Tried it last year and was surprised. Been stable for over a year. Thanks,
  12. HI guys. Just curious as my experience with the Steam addition of FSX has been totally the other way around. Found Steam to be far better than the boxed addition; far fewer problems. If someone does not mind, can they let me know what problems they encountered? (Not going to try to correct them as I am just curious as to what they were.) Thanks, MikeC
  13. Thanks for the clarification Ed. I figured it was OK; just surprised when I noticed it. Please mark as 'Answered'. Thanks, Mike
  14. Hi. This may sound like a dumb question however I'll ask it anyway. Are Open LC North America and Open LC NA - Alaska and Canada two mutually exclusive products or, are they one and the same? The reason I ask is that if I look in FTX V3, it shows I have Open LC North America Installed V1.2; there is no mention of of Alaska / Canada. If I look under my Account on Orbx, it shows both products; the latter is V 1.1. Thanks for clarifying. Mike
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