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  1. Wondering the same thing. Hopefully they can supply us with one.
  2. Does anyone have a KMZ that has all the airports they upgraded in it? That POI one doesn't.
  3. I'm disappointed with the texture quality on both the ground and on the buildings. With other options for this airport, I'll most likely pass on this one. Which is rare for me and Orbx products.
  4. I am seeing many of the airports with the same problem. Bella Coola has trees and grass floating high above the airport just as an example but there are more.
  5. KSUN - There are people half underground and some are floating LDPL - Windsock floating high above runway LOWI - Two trees floating high above airport
  6. I am also having this problem. Transaction ID: 5dd00b9e59b13
  7. I noticed them driving backward as well. At first I thought I was crazy. Hopefully they patch it.
  8. Yes, I've noticed that today. KBDN is a mess!
  9. Can someone please help me? I am able to install everything just fine but none of my airports have ObjectFlow working. I have attempted to uninstall ObjectFlow and reinstall it again many times. I did not migrate, this is a fresh install into P3D with ORBX Central.
  10. I'm having a terrible time with this new program. I am able to install all my sceneries but ObjectFlow is not working. I have stale, empty airports and no grass. I have attempted to reinstall ObjectFlow many times but it's not working. I hope someone can solve my problem soon.
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