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  1. I'm normally overjoyed with each ORBX release but this one caused me to uninstall quickly. Hopefully they get the performance, stuttering, and loading times sorted. Once I read that's done I'll entertain re-installing. For now though, I'll be cautious before automatically pulling the purchase trigger on future ORBX products.
  2. Why are the Southwest aircraft purple? And the photoreal doesn't look any different.
  3. My issue is not with the policy (as it did not effect me) but the tone in which you address your customers. Condescending them when you weren't prepared and assuming they'll ALWAYS buy your products is arrogant. We help put food on your table, a little respect would be nice. Especially considering the high prices of your products. And the thought of paying extra for download speeds that should come at sticker price? (Gulp)
  4. If I purchase the LC NA, will I be able to buy the Yakutat airport without buying the SAK region?
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