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  1. Thank you for the fix. The SODE 1.6.7 did the trick. Thanks goodperson36!
  2. A user reinstalled Orbx central and reinstalled all sceneries and it worked. I may try that.
  3. Thanks again. No worries. I only noticed it because I flew there. So won't fly there and keep it out of my mind.
  4. Thanks. However, it's still not working. Same issue.
  5. Stew, same here. The other airports are fine. I don't know what's missing from this particular airport.
  6. C:\Users\X\Orbx Library\p3dv4\Orbx ObjectFlow
  7. Yes, Nick I did. I'm not seeing the object flow in p3d/addons (it's in another directory with Terra Flora2) and there is no objectflow addon menu in P3D. Thanks.
  8. What am I missing? This is very annoying. Nothing is working. I'm sure it will be resolved however this should be an issue. I have no issues at my other Turbulent/Orbx airport. KMBS and KIDA all work fine.
  9. I having this issue as well. I landed at GPI today and noticed the ground textures were missing. I tried, uninstalling, reinstalling, verifying files and still nothing. Still the same every time.
  10. It seems my scenery was never updated with the hotfix. I'm wondering what is causing the issue with the ground then?
  11. How do we go about undoing the changes?
  12. I did it and the scenery has black squares, no buildings etc. So please wait. I tried to revert back to hotfix 2 but I delete my P3D hotfix 2 unfortuately.
  13. Lain do you have SCA installed? The reason I asked is your buildings in the background look different from mine.
  14. I wonder if the purchases will break the servers like when LC America came out?
  15. It's coming soon, just be patient. I and many others have been looking forward to this product for a long time.
  16. Well, ORBX has revolutionized the FS platform for both P3D and XP. I'm going to look into the future now and say that ORBX will make the next gen sims even better. We've obviously seen it in TE Washington!
  17. Interesting; just saw a post on another group doing autogen...hmmm. Competition is in the air. After looking at their product I must say that ORBX does look better.
  18. Well done Scott and Bill and the rest of your team. Much appreciated!
  19. Sniper I pray your injuries get better. I know how important doing the things we love doing; flying for real or in the sims is very important. For me it's a stress reliever. Get well bro. I've seen a lot of Soldiers hurt and injured because of missions and I understand totally. I hope you get well.
  20. There is a benefit to the rtx cores in the rtx 20xx, but soon gtx will get raytracing implemented. But you don't need rtx to use pbr or see it's effects.
  21. Agreed. Just as GB and Holland are done. It would be really nice and appropriated.
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