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  1. Ok. Then I'll probably have to do a reinstall. Thanks for your interest and insight.
  2. Hi. Yes and Yes. This actually started happening after an update but i cannot remember which update it was. it might have been two versions back of orbxlibs. Actually, IIRC, I noticed this after the latest Vector update. I fly out of this airport often and always park at the gas pump. However, as you can see in the image, the coordinates are there. Can someone verify if this is an issue on my part or something else? Thanks. ot8b836ee8ade487351d5593ab7193e233 generated report ID# Installed Orbx Products GLOBAL FTX Global Base
  3. Greetings! CYUL taxiing to parking. Trees and buildings in the way. Canada/Alaska Na land class. Can't get to or leave from gas pumps. Please help. Thank you and have a great day. Cheers !!!
  4. Hi. What area is this ? Cheers !!!
  5. HI. I experienced this exact issue with KWYS. Resolved it the same way by manually downloading and installing the newest libraries. The objectflow.dll auto updates itself when FSX (boxed) is started. I did auto download the libraries with the central version 2, but that obviously didn't work. I'm a happy camper but must sleep now. 4 hours resolving this issues and 6 A.M. comes much too quickly. Cheers !!!
  6. Cool Beans ! I fly this little route often and enjoy the scenery very much. It's quite peaceful when you get away from the city proper. Cheers !!!
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