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  1. Thank's for both of your comments indeed. This time it was Graham's suggestions that helped getting things straightened out - in proceeding exactly the way he'd outlined in his earlier post everythings is fine again. The lesson I learned: reading this earlier post a second time and much more carefully really helped. Thank's again !!
  2. Hello, ever since having upgraded to Australia v2 I do have trouble with run- and taxiway signs being placed " completely irregularly" with some of the airports - my best example being Launceston. FTX central says everything should be fine as I also upddated this airfield to the current version - and of course I did run airport elevation correction procedure at the end of all this ( not forgetting to click the apply button). Any ideas on how to procedd next ? Your feedback is highly appreciated.
  3. Getting no feedback so far to me seems quite informative as well - any objections ?
  4. Thanks to both of you for your instructive comments !
  5. Just have the opportunity to buy a used Fujitsu Celsius M730Workstation (Xeon E5-1620 v2 3.7GHz, 32GB, 1TB HDD, DVD, Quadro K4000) + Win 10 @ 500 Euro (from a well renowned reseller giving 2 years of guaranty) and I‘d highly appreciate any feedback whether you‘d recommend going for this as an Entry-Level rack to get a first impression of P3D ... just to give it a try if you wish as a I‘m > 10 years into FSX. Thanks for any feedback
  6. Hey there - just recently came across the LJ Cockpit webpage and their G600 product, which I find quite interesting. Now I‘m wondering if anyone of you has had some experience with both the company and/or this product and I‘d very much appreciate any kind of (honest) feedback. Thanks !!
  7. PROBLEM SOLVED !! Dear Holger, dear Nick ... Thank´you once again for your feedback and your patience with a somehow "green / uncomprehending" user like me asking for a quick fix. In carefully reading following your suggestions step by step I´ve solved my "problems" by using the automatic procedure and clickling "apply" button. It´s been as easy as that and I feel very much relieved !! Great support and highly appreciated
  8. Dear Nick, yes this is how the screen looks like/that I get when clicking the tool "button"
  9. Dear Holger - once again thank you for your feedback - read you loud and clear ! As I understand it I might have run the AEC tool without pressing the apply button. Yet while trying to fix this (i.e. by going back to FTX Central- Settings- Tools ) in order to run the Vector Airport Elevation Configuration Tool again I had to realize that I can't find the tool in the very same location again ?!?? What's next ? Yours sincerely Gernot
  10. .... thank you for your reply ... okay - do I get this right - do you suggest to simply re-install the software ?
  11. @Holger Sandmann - as re-installation of NZMF/NZQN didn´t help ( see above ) may I ask you for your feedback again. Not being an expert I´d certainly appreciate your (step by step?) suggestion(s) and would be happy to follow ... is it, that I simply have to delete some (of the old) files ? Gruß aus Berlin
  12. Dear Nigel - thank you for your suggestion. I did follow it and reinstalled NZMF/NZQN - yet with very (!) dissapointing results ... i.e. nothing happened, situation unchanged.
  13. @ Ben - Thank you for your detailed suggestions, they're highly appreciated. However I could'nt get FSX\ORBX\Scripts\FTXConfigurator_OLC.exe running (even when I used admin rights). How come ? Enclosed please also find the screenshots of FSX\ORBX\User Documents\Versions you've been asking for. So what are the next steps ? All the best from sunny Berlin !
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