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  1. FTX ESSA 1.21 patch????

    ESSA and all the orbx airports have been available since the first week of august! Please check this out:
  2. resolved ESSA Stockholm-Arlanda SP P3D v4

    the update was released weeks ago!
  3. Arlanda Departure

    Thanks a lot guys!
  4. ORBX unite with Buddy Bombard?

    Very nice shots!
  5. TONGASS Fjord on V4

    Nice pics!
  6. BAW178

    Nice pics
  7. Arlanda Departure

    Hi folks! Just want to share some pictures with you guys! I hope you like them! Enjoy
  8. Some Dusk Shots For Your Viewing Pleasure

    great pics!
  9. New ORBX Sweden scenery!?

    i would love to see ESNU
  10. Image Hosting Site of Choice ?

    i use https://imageshack.us/ and i love it, you pay for it but it's worth it
  11. Few from LEBB. 4K.

  12. Saudia Cargo Leipzig/Halles -- Milan Linate

    your welcome
  13. Saudia Cargo Leipzig/Halles -- Milan Linate

    Thanks a lot guys! I dont have any ai traffic at this moment, but those shown in the pictures are static planes that comes with EDDP
  14. Saudia Cargo Leipzig/Halles -- Milan Linate

    Thanks Jack! Download urp from here http://ultimaterealismpack.weebly.com/download.html and then select high contrast from the shaders tab. HDR settings are shown under the shaders tab aswell