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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply. For reference, FreeMeshX is 55Gb and covers most of the world at LOD 10. Apparently they're working on higher resolutions. I've tested some of it and it looks pretty good. Here's the website with more details: I mainly do low scenic flying, so a detailed mesh is important to me, so it sounds like FS Global Ultimate is the ideal one to get, but it's a bit pricey at the moment. I fly in America, Europe and Oceana so I'd need all three areas. The 2010 version is half price right now so that's good value. I've spent way too much money over the
  2. I'm thinking of upgrading to Active Sky 2016 and I noticed that Active Sky Cloud Art is available. I already have Rex 4, so is Active Sky Cloud Art necessary or not?
  3. A few days ago I downloaded FreeMeshX (for use with Orbx Global), which I thought would be a good free alternative for FS Global 2010 (FTX Compatible). However, I've since read that it's worth getting both because FS Global is higher resolution in some areas (while FreeMeshX is higher in others). Assuming I do this, will they work okay together? I know that FSX uses whichever mesh has the highest LOD, but what if both meshes have the same LOD for an area? Does it use whichever is placed higher in the scenery index? If so, which mesh is best to put on top? Is FS Global m
  4. Sorry to hear this, hope you get it sorted it out Although Steam support is terrible, if you keep nagging them for long enough you should get a reply from a human instead of an automated reply. If you can't get it sorted out, request a refund, many people have had games refunded since they introduced that policy. Paul
  5. Flyboy, I agree that Steam support is a joke. It used to be okay, but I think they've become so popular now (up to 10 million users per day) that they've become overwhelmed. Anyway, as Alex said, when you purchase a DLC (additional content for a game), it's automatically downloaded and installed into the game. This is one of the advantages of Steam, as well as all patches and updates being automatically applied when they are released. Your purchase should be shown in several places in the Steam program (you are using the program, not looking at the web page, aren't you?) If you select
  6. Maybe you misunderstood. Yes, you can install Steam anywhere, but you don't have to install FSX in the main Steam directory, you can set up additional "Steam Library" directories to install different games in different places. My main Steam directory is on drive E (which contains most of my games), but I also have a Steam Library on C for one particular game, and I'm going to create another Steam Library on drive F, purely for FSX-SE.
  7. Yes, you do have a choice, you can install it anywhere, you just need to set up a different directory to install it in. I explained the steps in another thread recently. You can either set up the new directory from the Settings menu (Steam - Settings - Downloads - Steam Library Folders), or you can do it after clicking on Install, where there's a button that asks where you want to install it. You can set up a new path from there. I have Steam running on my E drive and I've got certain programs runnning on other drives. For FSX I'd recommend using a dedicated drive, ideally an SSD, but yo
  8. Interesting. I'm glad to hear it's working well for you. I tweaked a few things the other day and I'm getting vastly improved performance now. Can't be 100% certain which one made the big difference, but it may have been TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=120.
  9. On the bottom left, click on the button called "Add Library Folder" In the window that pops up (which says "Create or select new Steam library folder") - click the downward pointing triangle on the top right, this shows you a list of drives. - click on the drive you want to use - click on New Folder to create a folder (default name is SteamLibrary), name it and click okay (you must create a folder, you can't set the root drive) - click Select. Your new Steam library folder should appear in the list. When you next install a game, you'll have an option to "Choose location for
  10. Yeah, I'm aware of the risks of over-tweaking, which is why I haven't done much so far. Clearly something I changed has made a huge difference though. I'll need to test things one at a time. Looks like I'll be able to put my traffic on again, and hopefully some serious weather. Do you have default traffic set to high, or are you using a traffic addon? I've read that the default traffic eats a lot of frames.
  11. I notice that FSPS - Multicore Environment Advanced v1.2 and FSPS - FSX Booster 2013 are both on sale at the Flightsim Store at the moment. Does anyone have any experience of using these and is either or both of them worth getting? I already have FTX Go but haven't started using it yet. Does this make FSX Booster redundant? And what about the multiple cores? I'd really like my weather and other addons to run on different cores if possible. So do I need either or both of them if I already have FTX Go? Or do you have any other advice regarding tweaking and optimisation?
  12. Actually I wasn't referring to the airport but to the city itself, using the Vancouver+ by FSAddon-A http://secure.simmarket.com/fsaddon-vancouver-for-fsx-%28v3%29.phtml But here's an interesting update... yesterday I made some tweaks to my FSX.CFG file (which I thought I'd already made, but apparently I hadn't, or somehow the file reverted to the original or something, I'm not sure, went for a flight around Mt Baker and got incredible frame rates, well over 200. So then I tried Vancouver again. This time my FPS was in the 60s, but with frequent stutters and frames dropping to as
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