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  1. Guys I'm literally going crazy with v5.1, haven't managed to get past 5% load after installing all my Orbx regions, tried every trick in the book so far. I'm looking at potentially doing a complete reinstall of P3Dv5.1 a THIRD time in a row....
  2. scenery.cfg Hi, Thanks Nick, yes this is the scenery file from that stated location, here is also my addons file from there as well. add-ons.cfg
  3. ill have a look at that Keith thanks for the idea! there is a number of things that are set to false, but I'm not sure if thats supposed to be like that, I guess you would know Nick? Does Orbx sceneries cause the 'Base' sceneries to turn false? -Peterscenery.cfg
  4. Hi, Yes I look at the resource monitor, and for the first 10mins maybe there seems to be a lot of activity loading various FTX UK and/or EU things but after a while they die down and the only P3D related things in the resource monitor is the P3D application itself, the CPU sits at about 80% usage constantly but with no further loading past 5%, I have checked every time I try to load in case there are any secondary pop ups to 'enable scenery' for instance, but nothing like that is holding the loading back apparently. I've tried deleting the scenery.cfg file so that P3D builds a
  5. So If I have a scenery library of about 300GB of Orbx sceneries. How long am I going to be stuck at 5% for? For instance, this morning I fired up P3D and set to load into the PMDG 737 at EGLL. That was at 8:45am, its now 3:07pm and I'm still stick at 'Loading terrain data.... 5%' Regards, -Peter
  6. Looks like Orbx Vector is the culprit. I deactivated it, loaded up at EGLL (it all looked terrible and there was no ground but at least I loaded in) And then I tried activating it again and it's hanging after I pressed the Ok button. Confusing though because if it was Orbx Vector, thats global so why didn't I have any problems outside the UK?
  7. In my scenery manager all the Orbx entries are grayed out so I'm not able to untick them. Like I say, loading up in areas of the world that are not FTX related seems to be fine, but loading up in any of my FTX/Orbx places gives me this issue, -Peter
  8. Ok i'll try this thanks. I have tried to load P3D and let it sit all day while I'm out at work and I came home yesterday and it was still at 5%. Also, When I load up at an area that doesn't have FTX regions n'stuff then it's no problem at all. Maybe its just because I installled ALLLLL my Orbx scenery in one go, and then tried to load up P3D, it was just too much for it to handle all at once? UPDATE I've done what you suggested, it seems that for the first 30 seconds there is considerable loading in the resource monitor, specifically the relevant FTX EU scenery fil
  9. Oh ok. So that looks ok to you? hmm interesting. Then my loading issue where the sim stops loading when I try to load in at EGLL and it sits at 5% is not related to the way the scenery is layered then.
  10. Ok, so after reinstalling everything, and I mean.... everything. I have all my Orbx stuff back up and in the sim, I've done tests and I no longer have elevation issues. But now, I have an issue where the scenery layering is not making sense. I have all my Orbx stuff set to be BELOW my flytampa-libraries entry. But I've got Orbx Global Base Scenery right up at the top, and the two EU entries in the middle of the rest of my third party stuff. any understanding why??? The only reason I am posting here and not in a new topic is because I'd like ppl to understand the history
  11. The v5 version as far as I'm aware. (I'm currently verifying files as you can see) UPDATE Finished verifying: Installed into an Orbx Library Vector v1.0.0 is installed into E Drive Library E:\Orbx Library\p3dv5\Global Vector -Peter
  12. Hi, Thanks Nick, Here are screenshots of my Orbx Central as well as the top and the bottom of the Orbx scenery insertion points in-game Regards, -Peter
  13. Is there any hope that I can fix this? Or am I going to have to do a completely clean reinstall?? My last idea is to reinstall the scenery module of P3Dv5.1 from my windows system apps. -Peter
  14. scenery.cfg Hi Nick, Thanks for your help! I'm currently migrating my entire Orbx library to a location outside of the P3Dv5.1 folder to see if that makes a difference. UPDATE I've just finished moving everything outside of the main P3D installation, I ran P3D and it asked me to enable all the various scenery packages, but when loading in, London City still looks like the above photo and I still have the phantom double ground issue at Aerosoft EGLL for v5 Regards, -Peter
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