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  1. I am experiencing the same problem as the initiator of this topic My order number is Transaction ID: 5afded3c1d3ba I have a 56mb internet service and cannot get beyond 8mb/s when trying to download. Furthermore, the download crashes mid-stream
  2. I have recently purchased FTX Global and AYPY and am learning to fly in the area. What are the 20 upgraded airports included in the package?
  3. It is not known to the purchaser of the software! Therefore it does not work!
  4. Then the airport is not realistic! If you know the problem then it should be fixed!
  5. I have finally got the FSX version of this add on to work so thanks to John and the team. I have spent some time flying in the area and have tried several approaches from the north between 1200' and 2000' asl and the PAPI lights do not show up until one is almost at the airport. The lights at 61S Cottage Grove are visible long before the 77S Creswell lights show up.
  6. I have just purchased FSX SE and have both FSX and FSX SE loaded on my computer. I ran the registry fix utility and my ORBX scenery files (PNW and several related airports) have been loaded the FSX SE folder however, I cannot activate the files or get them to "add" when trying to add scenery files with the Settings option.
  7. I see this issue is being raised by another person. Do you have any updates on how to correct this issue?
  8. Hello Greg, I downloaded the files and re-installed 77S. There is no change. I printed the list of files and have attempted to attach same. I cannot open this file as it appears on this post. It is a word document 77SFilesList.docx 77SFilesList.docx
  9. I have ORBX PNW and several related airports installed. I know this area very well and enjoy flying planes from my small hangar of GA aircraft in the area. Generally an excellent job with one or two minor complaints. Let's have some more Canadian airports. I lived near the Boundary Bay airport and Delta Airpark. My boys and I would often go to these airfields and watch the planes. I think they would make an excellent subject for a payware add on. I made many business hops to Vancouver Island and would like to see airports like Campbell River, Nanaimo and Powell River ma
  10. Thanks Jeff I have just flown from Bowerman to Skagit Regional.......everything seems to be in the right place and showing as per normal. The 77S install just seems to be so out of character for the rest of my scenery and airports. I am not going to do a thing as this does not appear to be in keeping with my experience with the other scenery files I have installed. i just saw the announcement of the upcoming Friday Harbor release and am looking forward to including this in my "back yard". Hopefully we can get Hobby resolved as the area around Bellingham WA o
  11. Hi Jeff, Thanks for your response. What bothers me about this item is that i have followed the same installation procedures for all of my ORBX airports and only 77s is giving me problems. The others seem to be fine. Cheers, Roy
  12. I have FSX Acceleration Gold Edition Installed. I have tried several things: Firstly, I removed 77S Hobby and then re-installed it. No change. Then. I uninstalled FSX and re-installed it and all of my ORBX sceneries - I have PNW, several freeware airports and several payware airports. The only one that I seem to have problems with is 77S Hobby. The others appear to be okay. When installing I did each install with "Run as Administrator"
  13. Hi Jeff, I tried the settings as per your suggestion but it has made no difference
  14. I will give this a shot in the morning and report back
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