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  1. Hi, Just landed at LDPL Pula and directed by ATC to Gate 4 - however there was a static aircraft parked there. Switching on progressive taxi showed the way to what is pictured (and on the charts) as Gate 2. So it looks like the gate numbers do not match up with the visuals. Any ideas what the problem might be? Thanks. Prepar3d V5 HF2. Pula v1.0.
  2. Would be good to see the same shots for different seasons based on option 2 compared to option 1. I'm fine with you charging more for extra seasons at full res though! However, one thing you can do to help reduce your costs is use a better compression algorithm! Currently you use distribute zip files containing zip files. You can do much better than zip. For example, I just downloaded the FTX Wales zip file, which is 2.235GB. I unzipped it and then recompressed with LMZA2 using a large dictionary size, and the resulting file size is 1.734GB. Just saved you
  3. 4.4 will support higher resolution (512x512 and 1024x1024) textures. What's the consequences for TrueEarth, if any?
  4. You'll be able to fly the Mach Loop Shame there aren't any photographers on CAD West
  5. Official Fs Global Ultimate NG support would be good. I use it and is seems mostly ok, anyway.
  6. Running ftxcentral2_setup.exe fixed it for me, thanks. (It was a fresh install though, strangely)
  7. I'm seeing the same "No simulators found" error. I've installed OrbxFTXGlobalBASE140.exe from flightsimstore for v3 (no other versions of Prepar3d installed), which seemed to install OK apart from this error. I then installed FTXORBXLIBS_151001.zip, but it made no difference, same error message. Prepar3d is installed in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3. The textures look like the default when running Prepar3d.
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