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  1. @Josh Koz Thank you for responding. This was several days ago. It looks like all is well. Thanks!
  2. Hello! I am assuming the CDN network is getting hit hard with downloads. I am also getting connect interrupted. I just did a speed test and I am at 970/970 with 1ms latency. I am downloading a MSFS airport and it is averaging around 20 KB/s. I have deleted temp folder and even my backup folder and restarted. Just curious to know before I post my log. Thanks, Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: MSFS Screenshot: Issue: Slow Download
  3. Hi all, I have been testing out all of the Orbx airports I own in P3DV5. I have noticed KEGE has ground textures that are not clear and bright as depicted on the product page of the airport. Is there a way for me to fix it or would this be a compatibility update with the new sim? Thanks https://orbxdirect.com/product/kege
  4. Hi All. Following up on this post. I have noticed the same issue for me. For both P3D V4 and V5. Thanks!
  5. I have had the issue of the invisible wall at non-Orbx airports as well. With Global Base and OpenLC
  6. Hello. Just purchased EGNM and the buildings are floating. I do not own TEGB Central. I do have TEGB North and South. No other mesh or ortho in this area. Thoughts?
  7. I selected FTXGlobal BAse and verified files. Also do the same if you have openLC Europe and OpenLC NA. Fixed the issue for me. And I selected Force Migration.
  8. Follow up: 1.) Removed FTX Global Base, Open LC NA, RMN, KGPI. 2.) Reinstalled 3.) FTX Vector Elevation scan 4.) Dried both AFCAD per the KGPI control panel. Here is another image.
  9. Installed KGPI today and noticed the runways and taxiways floating. I did the normal Vector scan and made sure the eleviation's were correct. Also, purchased Northern Rockies. Double checked all FTX Central settings. Thoughts?
  10. Hello everyone. I am not sure if this is normal for these textures but comparing them to the images on ORBX website it does not look the same. I have even maxed out the settings for Radius, Textures, Mesh and the same. When flying over at them in GA aircraft, commercial, etc. its the same. The question is are these mountain peaks normal? I have no tweaks in any file of P3DV4.3. I noticed this through mountainous terrain as wekk. FTX Central is up to date. I also tried different seasons. Thanks for any input!
  11. Thanks Nick. So I will have to keep the static aircraft in the scenery for KSAN to work with GSX?
  12. Hello. I updated to KSAN V2 using FTX Central of course. I get the following error when trying to activate GSX. It looks like a scenery error. couatl v3.2 (build 3997)panic log started on Mon Aug 20 11:45:44 2018problem raised by addon <unknown>Traceback (most recent call last): File ".\GSX\__init__.py", line 410, in <lambda> File ".\common\youcontrol.py", line 233, in showMenusWithSameTag File ".\common\youcontrol.py", line 86, in showContainer File ".\common\youcontrol.py", line 212, in show File ".\GSX\__init__.py", line 38, in performRuntimeError: System error
  13. Hi Boogie, Hope I can help with my experiment. I will provide my input as I had the same issue you have since the update to KSANV2. I personally don't care about FPS and only go smoothness in both P3D and XP11. I use FPS as a metric. I noticed you had one of my favorite and most used aircraft in P3D and that is the FSLabs A320 in your image. I was doing an early morning KSAN (Dark outside still) to KSFO flight and I noticed my frames went from 30-37 (Day) down to 14 fps (Night). Let me also add as a side note that the performance has almost increased for me by 40% with KSANV2 d
  14. Oh no!!! I have to take another vacation when this is released! Thanks for the hard work. I unfortunately had to remove Southern California to improve this region. Looking forward to this to continue southern California ops!
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