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  1. hey, Gypsy. KEVV is my home airport, too. Must be a neighbor.
  2. Yeah, I was getting it too the first time, heading east. The fix mentioned below did fix it. P.S My community folder is getting a bit crowded. Sure will be glad when they allow some sort of subfolders so we can get it organzied.
  3. I, too, started getting library error loading Orbx airports ... in both OpenGL and Vulkan versions of X-plane. Because it worked fine the first day after installing 11.5b (I was getting great frame rates in London City), I assumed I had done something while dickering around with the True Earth Washington package in a moment of boredom (I think I "enhanced" something incorrectly). Anyway, now even when I go to southern England to fly, I still get the library loading error. I uninstalled library, reinstalled it, verified all the files in the package and others ... still get error. It says t
  4. Thank you. Yes, that fixed it. In another issue, as I hovered around the Port Angeles CGAS (KNOW), I noticed this floating hangar. When I arrived at Jefferson Co. International (OS9), there it was again, the same hangar, floating. Could it be a problem with that object?
  5. Lopez Island Airport, S31, appears to have developed a big dip in the ramp since installation of TE Washington. It has always been one of my favorite airports for a quick trip around the San Juan Islands, but the problem makes taking off impossible except from the end of the runway. Anyone want to confirm it for me? John in Indiana
  6. I purchased both FTX Global and Vector, and all seemed to have gone well. However, when I try to install the airport packs, I get this error... https://www.dropbox.com/s/3xdjox2qnmaygjy/ScreenHunter_41%20Oct.%2016%2023.03.jpg?dl=0 It makes me wonder if I have indeed installed and activated FTX_Global. Any ideas? Feel free to tell me, "DUH, didnt you read the read_me file? Also, should I have an "FTX_Global" folder in my ... "P3d V2\Orbx|" folder? I don't. John
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