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  1. I'd like to chime in on that as well. Are these in the right order? Is this what "Sync Simulator" does?
  2. Nick, Thanks for the information. I didn't take offense to your question, believe me. I generally go under the assumption it's my fault somewhere, and I guess since this is localized to my machine, only proves your point. I'll just leave things as they are since it is functioning as intended. Thanks again to the both of you. Great service as usual. If you wish, you can close this topic.
  3. Nick/Mitchel, Thanks for getting back to me. The folder is "p3dv4", if the "P" for example is capitalized, Central will detect that the scenery in the library is not installed. Again, not a problem for me, but just happened to notice this behavior after the utility runs. Nick - Thanks for the vote of confidence on my programming skills . My utility does not change the actual filenames (been doing this kind of work since punch cards were used to load into IBM mainframes). In any event, I ignored that folder so it won't be an issue, just thought perhaps t
  4. Hi, I wanted to expand on this issue as I have discovered the problem. I recently installed Prepar3D and installed some scenery. Every once in a while when starting Central the scenery I installed to the library would not show as installed and the addons have disappeared from Prepar3D. If I removed the library, create a new one and reinstall the scenery it would stay as 'installed' for a few times that I check Central. Eventually it disappears and asked me to install it again. It appears your software relies on the case sensitivity of the folder and/or files, doesn't it
  5. Mitchell, Thanks for getting back to me. The scenery is in fact in X-Plane despite the fact it doesn't show as installed in the app. I looked at the log file as well and saw the same thing, however I assure you I installed several airports and the libraries more than once, yet the log file shows different. I removed everthing from X-Plane, custom scenery, symbolic links, etc. Restarted FTX Central from scratch, created a new library and it seems to work now. Not sure it was a glitch. During that process both the app and X-Plane updated for v4.02 and 11.35 respectiv
  6. Operating system: Windows 10 1903 v18362.267 Simulator: XPlane-11 v11.353 Screenshot: Attached Issue: Installed libraries and LOWI along with USMV Monument valley. Return to FTX Central the next day, items show they are not installed. This is a repeatable process. Let me know what else I can provide to better diagnose this issue. Thank you for your support. central.log
  7. Just out of curiosity, If the TrueEarth series contains it's own LC and Vector could I not just install Global and the current TrueEarth Netherlands? Currently I have all the regions, LC, Global, Vector, etc. and of course TrueEarth Netherlands sits on top of everything. I'm thinking all that bloat would not be necessary IF I were just to fly in the Netherlands. I understand of course that if I install only those two products that the rest of the world would only be affected by Global scenery, however as each iteration of TrueEarth gets installed, I can add those and have a new are
  8. Works, thank you sir. The planets have aligned once again. Great support and response. Thanks again.
  9. Nick, Thank you for your help, that apparently did the trick. I'm at the airport without issue. It did create an anomaly with the control panel. I can select FTX Global mode, but it won't save selecting OpenLC NA Mode. Not sure if that is something that needs to be corrected. In any event there doesn't seem to be an issue at the moment. Thanks again for your assistance.
  10. Support, I came across these errors when approaching KSEZ from KPSP. Purchased and installed both KPSP and KSEZ today. I've never seen these errors before on anything else. This happened en-route on approach via KARLO to KSEZ GPS RNW03 Please advise. Thank you for your support.
  11. Hope it will be soon, all the other installers (OpenLC, Global) are v3 ready. Just waiting for Vector
  12. Das Marc, I had the same issue and resolved it by removing my FS Global 2010 (elevation data). If you have something like FS Genesis or FS Global installed, it appears that the elevation is incorrect for Lake Tahoe. Once I removed the elevation scenery everything is there. Apparently it's buried below the terrain. FS Global does have a mesh utility to where you can 'fix' specific airports, however I just removed the elevation scenery all together. Hope that helps AAN1718A
  13. I installed KJAC and KTVL as well, Jackson hole works great. I have all the regions for the US and there are no buildings at all at Lake Tahoe. Any information would be appreciated Thank You AAN1718A
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