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  1. Good news! Thanks!
  2. RIP Vlad Maly

    Sad News. RIP
  3. What Flight Planner?

    For VFR-flights I use Plan-G and for IFR-flights I use Electronic Flight Bag http://www.aivlasoft.com/
  4. Quad Installers...

    Fully agreed! Thank you ORBX!
  5. Last Airports for P3D V3.0

    I have all three installed without problems in Prepar3D v. 3.35
  6. Pssssssst !!!!!!!! Available at FSS
  7. ENNK is realesed?

    Just purchased! It looks beautiful !!!!!
  8. OpenLC NA

    Must we first uninstall OpenLC Alaska-Canada?
  9. Float plane for CAC8

    Ants Airplanes Drifter Ultralight!!
  10. CAC8 Nanimo Seaplane Base P3Dv3

    It looks very nice!! And this will be FREE? Incredible!
  11. Just Flight DH Dove/Devon

    Hi Cathy, look also at sim-outhouse.com
  12. With immediate effect ..

    I wish you good luck!
  13. Your shots looks every time very nice. Do you use Rex?
  14. Emmsie in Hospital.

    Wishing you the speediest recovery
  15. Hello Sue, I agree with you! John me too please!