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  1. yeah I was hoping for any info on this too. This will simply be a must have.
  2. ah okay makes me want to take mind apart and run the radiator under the sink faucet to wash that all out. LOL
  3. Ben, how long did it take to accumulate that much caa caa in the radiator?
  4. Also will this affect other 3 rd City sceneries we have installed form other developers?
  5. yeah, Scott. the flatness of the road where it doesn't follow the contours of and mountainous terrain or dips hard into Valleys and ravens. Bridges that look more natural in relation to landscape. Just stuff like that.
  6. Any chance in a global "road and Highways" enhancement. to fix roadbed, bridges and all?
  7. Credit Card at the ready Aimee, what's the File size of this bad boy?
  8. yeah I just saw the trailer of it. oh Geez! Lockheed Martin is not going to be happy.
  9. if you do buy a new card, get a ti. hands down you will love it's performance. GB TE is all about settings and not so much what's under the hood in the GPU.
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