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  1. in regards to seasonal changes that is not the answer I was looking for.
  2. I guess nobody's answering if this is a "Summer" only thing on the TE..
  3. John, Two questions: Will this be for P3D also, and are there seasonal changes?
  4. I wish all the beautiful red rock spires in Sedona could get updated to show their majesty. I was just up there today and thought of my Orbx rendition of the mountains. The city itself has grow too. An update would be welcome and a sure seller. Now we're firmly 64 bit the possibilities would be great.
  5. hi, Any update on that Hawaii scenery pack , and Buildings HD?
  6. I'm very happy with my 2tb ssd upgrade Michael. It's a good investment for future sceneries and not have to worry about space.
  7. yeah Frank, I did the same and mostly follow the recommended the setting in the manual. I'll try that setting at 2048 since I still had it at 4096. Probably should do the same with my Rex Skyforce settings for clouds also. was very happy my UK2000 EGLL and EGLC worked perfectly with TE.
  8. nice, it's only 43 gbs thanks orbx to keeping the size reasonable
  9. this is why I decided to invest in a SSD cloner and a new 2tb SSD drive.
  10. I already have a 2 tb drive on the list to replace my 1tb flight sim drive this year. no fuss no muss.
  11. John is this going to be compatible with UK2000 EGLL, or will the Orbx version of the airport be better?
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