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  1. BIg John, Is a TE Japan in the mix for Development?
  2. Iain , We still have out moving Vehicles in this on the roads, Right??
  3. I've been waiting a long time for this. When can we expect to get it, John?
  4. hahahaha, Rob, Yeah us P3D'rs are feeling kinda left out.
  5. copy that. If the mountains and cliff can get more definition where it doesn't get that melted ice cream cone look. LOL The rest is beautiful.
  6. Thank John V. good post. Should probably Pin this for future reference to folks that visit the forum with the same question.
  7. Jarrod, Is that LOJT helipad in our P3D version. and if not, will you add it please?
  8. yeah I was hoping for any info on this too. This will simply be a must have.
  9. ah okay makes me want to take mind apart and run the radiator under the sink faucet to wash that all out. LOL
  10. Ben, how long did it take to accumulate that much caa caa in the radiator?
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