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  1. Anna, Will the people flow figures be brought up to day with the new sims usage? The old people flow characters will look weird in the new sim on airport grounds.
  2. FYI all my UK2000 airports are where their suppose to be with no issue on the TE update. Thought I'd share.
  3. Does the same go for 3PD airport like UK 2000 series?
  4. put a .off behind it. renaming it. That's the right file BTW. I had mine off already and carrier 41 shows up correctly
  5. that's the bridge you see in that video writhing in in high winds and collapse many years ago. the Original did anyways. these are it's replacements. Us rotary wing pilots are familiar with resonance frequency , LOL
  6. hi Devs. Can you please make the helipads on the Downtown building back Landable please. on Previous versions they were solid to land on. now their not. Thank you, Robert
  7. PTA hasn't been updated to the new HF2 yet. Matt is working on it.
  8. Do you guys have both Orbx SODE and GSX enabled? I use one or the other.
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