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  1. Tipella to Sqamish

    Tipella working in v4?
  2. Glen Canyon, Utah?

    Agreed, same old story with the original FSX art assets and the much denser data sets we're getting with P3D and modern products. You should see how bad some of the original FSX demo "ortho" areas like St. Maarten and Saba look. At least FSX had the artists to even try to include most of the major landmark structures, they're still missing in a lot of other platforms. For what it's worth Samwise, Aerofly's got some pretty high quality ortho-scenery in that area included in the free "Utah" DLC for FS2. I just checked an there aren't any actual 3D objects for the bridges and dam, but they do sort of show up in the ortho. Can't really recommend FS2 as a general sim, but if you've got the spare cash it's definitely pretty for tooling around - especially in VR. If you do pick it up, I can highly recommend both Orbx Innsbruck and Meigs. They're really benchmarks for what's possible with the FS2 platform. Lower res (Oculus) screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/cMtV3
  3. Glen Canyon, Utah?

    Nick beat me to it. There's no "hand laid" coverage for that area. FTX Global, Vector, and OpenLC NA will improve the area but not to anywhere near the extent the full fat regions would. There are "light" versions of L41 and KPGA included in the global airport packs. L41 looks ok, but I seem to have elevation issues with KPGA and Vector so I guess I need to run AEC again. The Navajo and Glen Canyon bridges are there, as is the dam, but they're all very low quality default P3D (probably FSX legacy) objects. There's also a major elevation issue with the dam placement and either FSG2010 or Vector that I don't know how to fix. Screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/H0NDn This is using P3Dv4, Orbx Global, Vector, OpenLC-NA, and Pilot's FS Global 2010 mesh.
  4. I find myself spending more time in Aerofly FS2 lately. Given real life craziness it's nice to have a sim I can take in small chunks of F-15 or Extra 300 douchebaggery, and the VR support makes for a first rate escape. Innsbruck and Meigs are just astounding. Downtown Chicago makes an amazing aerobatic course, and I've got a whole series of runs down the Sill river trying to stay under all the bridges and power lines. So I'm wondering what else Orbx has in the pipeline for Aerofly? I think JV mentioned doing the PNW region in a thread somewhere, but I'm a lot more interested in the smaller scale but more "awesome" experiences. Telluride, Sedona, Queenstown and Milford Sound as a pair maybe? So what can you guys tell me? Has there been anything announced in any of the various threads that I may have missed? Cheers, Perk
  5. Orbx PNW and NRM foggy/smokey?

    Active Sky builds its weather model from both satellite cloud imagery and in particular current METAR data from the local airports. Most of the airports out in the PNW are reporting lowered visibility and "HZ" currently - for instance The Dalles at the time of this post: KDLS 091853Z AUTO 32012KT 6SM HZ CLR 27/14 A2999 RMK AO2 SLP153 T02670139 $ The "6SM HZ" means that visibility is six statute miles in haze. While this doesn't differentiate from smoke, it is going to give you an Active Sky haze layer which will reduce visibility around The Dalles.
  6. Just use the side of the airplane! Ant's Eaglet P3Dv4 Orbx NZMF and NZSI AS16+ASCA PTA modified Thopat
  7. L05 in P3D V4

    Just loaded her up in v4 and took a couple of spins around with the Oculus. Really gorgeous terrain and frame rate friendly. The weather forecasting stone is a nice touch =)
  8. L05 in P3D V4

    Nice. Does this include any of the Objectflow stuff?
  9. 3rd Party Plug-ins and Orbx

    With the exception of products that do the same thing - Orbx Global and Ground Environment X for example - FSX /P3D addons should play nicely together. That said there *can* be some oddities when you install multiple products in the same area - for example FSDT LAX on top of Orbx SCA. Generally you want to make sure airports are above the Orbx regions and Global/Vector/OpenLC in the scenery library. There's also an entire section of the forum dedicated to sorting out compatibility issues: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/80-ftx-compatibility-forum/ Thinks like REX clouds, Active Sky, and addon Airplanes should all work with no tweaking however as they're doing different things than any of the Orbx products.
  10. John, Ed, Thanks for taking the time and effort to do a rework. Expecting exciting things with P3D going forward, and having Objectflow in house should be a real boon for us impatient types who like to update immediately!
  11. Flying the "full" Scotland

    The "Full Scotland"? Is your Super Sabre going commando under it's kilt?
  12. New life P3Dv4

    I am the very model of a modern flight sim add-on With five season ortho textures and landclass for ancient Babylon?
  13. Lol thanks for an official update John, that'll tide my impatient ass over at least another month.
  14. It's been a month... I've been to Colorado and back. They've finished resurfacing KTEX and have started bulldozing the new GA parking. Could we pretty please get some official word on the 64 bit Objectflow conversion?
  15. Viva Las Holger

    He may have worked on the SCA mesh, but I was referring specifically to a quick compatibility flatten he put together to get SCA working with the updated P3Dv4 McCarran. See this thread.