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  1. How's the framerate in X-Plane? For some reason Anacortes more than any of the other airports (and I have them all) around Puget sound kills FPS in P3D for me.
  2. The important things! But who let that French spy pilot fly over Portsmouth??!
  3. There's a lot of questions still. I'd expect to be able to overcome rudder trim force with full opposite rudder pedal input. Is that not the case in a King-Air or was there something mechanically wrong with the rudder in addition to the trim setting? The flight path tends to indicate the pilot took off with full left rudder trim already input, but I'd expect that to have made ground handling problematic also and I'd like to think I would have stopped it on the runway if it was flaky on the roll. Obviously though this guy didn't have a lot of time to make any sort of diagnosis. I guess the biggest takeaway is "always use the checklist."
  4. Awesome! You're going to harden USS Midway so we can land on her right?
  5. Yeah I've done that in years past but there are concerns about file system corruption and observed performance problems as every lookup requires two disk reads. Tended to cause pauses when new scenery areas on the linked disc were loaded in and occasional micro stutters that I didn't get in areas on the main drive. This is despite both sets of scenery being on (older 128gb) SSDs with identical IO performance and on the same SATA bus. That's the whole reason I bought a 500gb SSD when P3Dv4 came out and have nothing else on that drive. Little did I know we'd be going full photoreal a year later lol!
  6. So Netherlands has just about filled up my 500gb P3D SSD and I'm starting to think about England and PNW and wondering how I'm going to manage. While I certainly have no qualms about buying another drive and I've specifically been installing other addons to a different SSD, my Orbx directory alone is approaching 350gb. While I understand it would probably be difficult to change the folder structure and scenery.cfg entries for all the existing releases, I was wondering if there were any plans to support installs outside the sim directory for future releases? Maybe create a separate "OrbxTrueEarth" folder structure with an FTX Central setting to allow installs on any drive/directory with appropriate scenery.cfg or add-ons.cfg entries?
  7. Anacortes kills my framerates in v4 and has since FSX. I think it's the effects around the refinery.
  8. There are quite a few all with various pros and cons. I personally use Ultimate Traffic Live for Airliners and just default traffic for GA. Orbx has a nice freeware package for GA aircraft also, but it only covers Australia (and I think NZ) in the current v4 iteration.
  9. On a PC that gives me 30fps in P3Dv4.1, I get 150+ in Aerofly and it looks like this: They even made the P-38 pilot look like JV
  10. Yeah that's not right Benny. Yeah something's not right there Benny. It's almost like you're seeing a lower resolution portion of the MIP map for that texture . Wonder if something's gotten corrupted. I'd check that your Antisotropic Filtering setting is set to 16x. If so, it may be worth uninstalling and reinstalling NTQN via FTX Central.
  11. P3Dv4.1 Orbx Norway Realair Lancair Legacy ASv4+ASCA PTA - Modified Thopat preset
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