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  1. Solved dont know how but maybe reboot ,,
  2. Good day to all After reinstalling xp11 and all my true earth products all was good until fixing My P3D files i changed main library , when i changed it back to original Central wont see my Xp11 products. I dont want to reinstall if all my files are sitting at taget folder. Sync Sim dont work.l Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: central.log
  3. Hi i am having issue with Orbx Central only when tring to update Washington H.D it comes up with this error. I have looked for the S.D version and i cannot find it and i am only ever run H.D version. There is no log file in Log folder to attach. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  4. mmmm.. well im going to have to solve this mystery of the missing opera house. Thanks Nick but still when do you think we can get Sydney looking as good as Melbourne.
  5. Fanatstic job on Melbourne, amazing detail and spectacular surroundings but what on earth happened to Sydney. Did you steal all her buildings and landmarks put them in a pixel grinder and made things for those Mexicans down south !!. Please tell me what happened to our beloved Opera House and Center Point Tower all missing in V2 or have i just missed something in my install ,,either way i ask where is the love..?
  6. That looks like a poor attempt at snow textures ,,do you have XEnviro 1.1 running or any plugin for winter textures installed? There is something in your Custom scenery or Plugin folder that is causing this.
  7. All fixed FTX Central all of a sudden gave me an update option which fixed missing files.
  8. Hi all, I am having issue with my G.B North with missing texture files , i own Central and South so i have gone through the install procedure with success but this one is giving me grief. By accounts i should have 13586 files in my Texture folder but first download and install only has 11248 and when i ran verify files now i only have 11274. My folder size is 114 GB on both and download size was 19.46 GB. If someone can point me to a solution that does not require me have to spend another night downloading it would be great to finally fly this scenery without errors. Another thing is why
  9. Hi all, It has been awhile since i have posted on this forum and its usually to get a bug sorted or getting into a heated discussion about pixels of some sort, but today i feel compelled to congratulate all involved in bringing Netherlands TrueEarth to our P.C,s. I have been flight siming for about 30 years and i can count on one hand the times i truly felt like i had just witnessed something extraordinary in our hobby. One was flying in V.R and the other is seeing this bit of kit come to fruition , combine them both and this surpasses any of those occasions. So again to the Team well don
  10. Hi all, Just seeing if anyone else is experiencing an FPS drop in certain areas around airport. Its a really strange thing as im in a very non resource hungry aircraft and everything is smooth and silky then bam big fps drop of up to 15 fps. Cant be sure but it seems to be the big shopping center (Target) but im only guessing.
  11. Hi all, I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem i am having with Taxi way and tarmac texture at KHQM. It seems like there is a mash up of grass and asphalt. I have attached photos. Checked most of my other airports and no issues there. Cheers Val.G
  12. Thanks Nick, Well good news in a way i thought i had a dodgy FTX Central but bad otherwise not good, just done a google search on the subject and its not a pretty. Shame that us consumers are the ones that get shafted. I can clearly see this is not ORBX intention as its one of a very select few that i trust in the Flightsim Dev community Hopefully all parties involved can resolve this situation, considering that we actually legally own a copy i should still have access to it whether it is P3D V4 compatible or not . Cheers again Nick for your prompt response.
  13. Hi guys, If someone could point me in the right direction i am trying to find a way to get my ORBX Lancair installed into P3D V4 . In FTX Central it says i own all the aircraft but gives me no way of getting them.] Cheers
  14. I knew this would happen as soon as i posted ,,anyways looks like this issue has been resolved even though i had checked the Object flow 2 box in FTX Central it took about 4 restarts of P3D V4 to get message to enable Object Flow 2. What confused me was some Airports never had a problem, i suppose the were not using Object flow 2. Now i have more Grass than a Hippie in Nimbin and what a marvelous difference they make to these strips. Great to be back in P3D and the world of Orbx.
  15. Hi guys, I have recently returned to P3D V4 and done a fresh download and install of all my scenery, and its good to be back but i have an issue with my PNW Airports they are all missing grass particularly WA56 Isreals Farm and WA79 Walter Suttons my two favorite strips. I just bought 11S Sieku last night and still the same issue. No matter if i uncheck or check the selections in the control panel no matter what season still no wonderful grass that i remember used to line these strips. I have reinstalled my Libraries and also checked the Object flow 2 box in the main settings in FTX Ce
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