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  1. Hi there, I'm so glad! You all were right, slider of Number World Object full right and everything is ok. Finally I can enjoy my GB scenery and all of this thanks to your help. Thank you again, ciao!
  2. Hello Nick, Thanks for your reply. Sorry but there is not any slider that allows me to increase the number of objects in Orbx scenery. But this is not the problem, as you can see I am talking about bad texture that are affecting all the autogen in GB true earth and I am a bit disappointed. So I hope they correct those bad things very soon. Ciao!
  3. I do not have any addons installed except for Reshade, but I tried without it and nothing changed.
  4. All the scenery is really fantastic but the autogen is too bad. Strange red and brown squares floating on the green, a lot of 2D buildings and many confusing things I can't say they are buildings. I hope Orbx corrects all this bugs very soon, as we all know they are masters when it comes to create autogen.
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