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  1. I really enjoy videos like this, could have watched it all day.
  2. I always purchase the HD version, but on this system I use SD until I get a new system. Turns out that I went to the Florida SD page like I was going to purchase it, and I found the Install button there. Once I clicked on that it started to download, so all it well. Regards, Dave
  3. I purchased the HD today. I haven't installed any version of Florida yet. The US Florida HD shows up in my Regions area, but not Florida SD.
  4. When Orbx Central comes up, I only see the option for Florida HD, but not the SD version. Do I need to download a newer version of Orbx Central?
  5. Thank you Orbx, all is working now. Can't wait for the download to finish and giving it a go.
  6. I purchased the HD version of TE NorCal and it has been mentioned that the SD would be automatically available but it is still coming up as a separate purchase. How can I get a hold of and install the SD version. Thank you in advance, Dave Radecki
  7. Title kind of says it all, but if I purchase Washington HD does that also include the SD version similar to the Oregon purchase of HD? Thanks in advance
  8. I am running into the same issue. I finally manually downloaded the Oregon SD for X-plane, and them attempted in install using Orbx Central and the spinning arrow in the install button just continues to spin but nothing appears to happen. I let it go overnight, but without luck.
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