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  1. Didn't check the Vector support subforum thanks for the link MikeFlight, I hope that a quickfix will show up so as not to uninstal and go for a 13Gb download....
  2. Hi Guys, just downloaded and installed the latest Clobal Vector v1.51 (Through FTX Central) and when trying to run the AEC tool I've got a error pop-up window: "non-handled exception, unable to create an already existing file...". Any idea ? TIA Francois
  3. Are you talking about that one ? AirDailyX Global Airport Location Map
  4. Thanks Penzoil3; it did the trick ! I wasn't aware that the elevation tool was needed even for FTX products. I will change my instal routine! Francois
  5. Hi Guys, I was eager to install the latest P3D v3 YMML installer. Unfortunately the dreaded ditches are all over the airport. Just to be sure I switched to FTX Global then back to Oceania but alas to no avail... I checked in the Scenery\World\Scenery subfolder for any elevation correction file and didn't find anything related to YMML. Regarding sceneries, I've got P3D v3.1 with only FTX P3D3 approved sceneries and Drzewiecki Design New York City v2. Any input ? TIA Francois
  6. Thank you Richard (and Orbx) for broadening our flight experience and general knowlegde. Having installed your great scenery I googled a little bit looking for aeronautical charts and found this : http://www.jan-mayen.no/airfield.htm I confesse I didn't know about the Karman effect ! I'm looking forward for more of your work Richard, payware this time I guess ;-) Cordialement, Francois PS: If by any chance you have some ENJA charts available...
  7. +1, I've got the very same behavior when unwrapping the new KRDD triple installer, stuck at about 80%
  8. Hi Don, Hi Guys, the A2A B17 is definetly worth having in your fleet ! You'll be dealing with radial engines to nurse all along your flight but, as usual with A2A sims, you won't be alone : the whole crew is here (and eager) to help. Be advised that the cockpit design comes from the very late thirties so the instruments layout may seems awkward to modern days IFR flyers. If you feel like, do a Google search for a vintage pilot manual to download and you can fly the A2A fortress as the real one was supposed to be, Hope it will help, Francois PS : the Accusim pack addon is a must !
  9. OK Guys, you may switch the thread header to "solved" since I found the culprit ! Thanks to the "Installing norway best practises" thread I realised I only de-activated all Norway freewares (NSX III, NGA v2.75, AoN v3.67, NBRX, NMeshX v0.75, GFoN, AoNN and Norapx v5) but forgot to remove the corresponding files in the \scenery\world\scenery subfolder ! Everything is now "as advertised" Thanks again for your help. Francois
  10. Hi Guys, What a great scenery to discover ! Since I use FTX Global (Base v1.3+Vector v1.2+OpenLC Europe v1) I ran the Vector Auto-Configuration Tool after the FTX EU Norway + Orbx Lib 141207 installation. I have both ENBL and ENBM as AEC disabled. My P3Dv2 FTX Central was set to global before installing FTX EU NOR and is now set to Europe but I still have elevation problems at both airports (All previously installed freeware Norway sceneries have been de-activated right after the FTX EU NOR install and before running the Auto-configuration tool so I guess it is not interfering). Any Idea ? Thank you in advance for your help, Francois
  11. Hi Peter, you were right, Vic+ was still activated ! I even found in the compatibility forum the way to make it work along Don Grovestine's CYYJ and PNW. Everything is fine now, Thank you so much ! Best regards, Francois
  12. Hi Guys, seems to be unrelated but after patching PFJ.002, I realised I had elevation problem at KORS. Ditches and trenches are now all over the place. I installed no scenery in that area recently and my setup should be up to date: PNW patch 005, KORS v1.15 and library 120825 Any idea ? Thank you in advance for your help, Francois
  13. Hi Guys, may I offer my 2 cents for FSX Go "NG" (Next Generation...) ? 1- a "snapshot" feature : the only way (as far as I know, I'm just the average user) to copy the fsx.cfg in use into FSX Go is via the back up function so as to save it through the Base Configuration file. Would it be possible just to copy the actual fsx.cfg "on the fly" so as to tweak it ? 2- Would it be possible to add a graphical "help" with the FSX setting menus linked to the according config tweaks ? i.e. I got a picture of the "Setting Display" tab and when clicking on the "Level of detail radius" area I go to the "LOD_RADIUS" tweak. The reason behind this request is because english is not my native language and my FSX copy is a non-english one. the tweaks names are sometimes quite confusing and tough to relate to the FSX menus we've got... 3-would it be possible to extend the FSX Go concept to both fsx.cfg and scenery.cfg files ? That way we could launch a specified saved flight with the proper FSX config and Sceneries... Thanks for your time and efforts, regards, Francois
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