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  1. Are you talking about that one ? AirDailyX Global Airport Location Map
  2. Thank you Richard (and Orbx) for broadening our flight experience and general knowlegde. Having installed your great scenery I googled a little bit looking for aeronautical charts and found this : http://www.jan-mayen.no/airfield.htm I confesse I didn't know about the Karman effect ! I'm looking forward for more of your work Richard, payware this time I guess ;-) Cordialement, Francois PS: If by any chance you have some ENJA charts available...
  3. Hi Don, Hi Guys, the A2A B17 is definetly worth having in your fleet ! You'll be dealing with radial engines to nurse all along your flight but, as usual with A2A sims, you won't be alone : the whole crew is here (and eager) to help. Be advised that the cockpit design comes from the very late thirties so the instruments layout may seems awkward to modern days IFR flyers. If you feel like, do a Google search for a vintage pilot manual to download and you can fly the A2A fortress as the real one was supposed to be, Hope it will help, Francois PS : the Accusim pack addon is a must !
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