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  1. Graham, Okay, I've tried what you said on adding the 'FTXAA_AIRPORTS' folder into the Scenery Library, and it all works now! Thanks alot everyone! Martin
  2. The only thing now is where to find them? I looked over the freeware and support sections on ORBX, and couldn't find any previous versions nor patches of Lilydale. Martin
  3. Okay, so I've uninstalled ALL the add-ons related to ORBX, and have removed any registry entries that have any affiliation with them. I've then restarted the Computer (to get the most out of it and to run as smoothly as can be), and started downloaded YLIL again and the Australia Blue Region (downloading it from a different server CLOUD CDN might have better results). As I did with the other Computer (running on XP), I decided to install YLIL (freeware) FIRST with NO updates, and everything worked like a charm and as I started FSX, the 'Generating Scenery Indexes' bar was loading (look
  4. Okay, So I've looked through a few things and made a few changes to see if it works; Firstly, there were NO errors during the installations, I then turned all the FTX scenery's OFF and turned them back ON again, but to no avail. I even downloaded and installed the libraries update and it didn't do anything. Then, I decided to open this 'OrbxControlPanel.exe' to see if setting something there might help with this issue. Though, it turns out that that once I double-click on it, it comes up with this error message: "No configuration file specified.". I find this strange, since
  5. Hello everyone! I'm having problems with this airfield (Lilydale/YLIL) showing up in the game, as both the scenery, and the starting points (i.e. Runways, Parking Bays, etc.) remains as the default FSX scenery. On my previous computer (with XP 32-bit) I had my FSX running on it just fine and installed the freeware add-on just to see how it was like. I can recall that as you select what Airport you want to start from, the add-on gave more options (i.e. which runway, or parking bay) on where you want to start from. Then, after I got the Australia SP4 (blue edition), it actually impro
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