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  1. ok thanks to everyone great comments, as my 13 yr old hard drive is ready to burn out, time to change am not to concern with in the simulator flying, but I like the be able to down load programs a little faster, so ok with that...I also did research and agree with jack. again every one that posted thanks.......
  2. hello to all, ok my hard drive shows 70% still some what ok but have to replace it I did a image back up, computer win7 has i7 operation I know win 7 not supported . all that said, those that change to solid state was it a good thing or not? I have fsx with lots of Orbx no plans to change due to my old age lol, pro in cons ? thanks in advance ......
  3. thank you Scott, I like the scenery design fits the way I remember when I was there,
  4. I have pacific fords down loaded, I want to purchase Ketchikan airport PAKT..am not sure and confuse from what I read if there will be a problem? can someone please advise, thanks
  5. hello Greg, I forgot how to add Skagway for RTMM INTO SCENERY LIBRARY ?
  6. ok found it in google I for got how to use the conversion again thanks Greg
  7. thank you sir . I down loaded Skagway , save file went to open read me file, data as scramble I don't have a conversion for that is that what happen with these files ? I miss some steps can you help me thu what you did to recover data ? thank you for your help...
  8. hello to all, I was wondering about a fix for floating houses in Skagway Alaska ? I had this problem back in 2014, and some one mention that it had to do with elevation so was there a fix? thanks.....ranger-buck
  9. thanks Doug, having a problem with how to down load? I did sign on to fsaddon, now trying to work on it from there. thank you for the update
  10. hope iam doing this correct? I did have FSAddon'sTongass Fjords paid for but I didn't see it showen and I belive its not active anymore , tongass Fjords X is an earlier landscape add-on created by the lead developer for SAK, Holger Sandmann, and is distributed by FSAddon. this had sitka very active where I was once station. is it possible to purchase or fine away to obtain this scenery... thank you
  11. well ok and thanks to everyone, sorry your right i ment instant scenery 3.. i will look for updates and check sim fourms, i can add certain things,like cars people and only around juneau airport when i try away from there doesnt matter where it wont take but will read more being that your able to use the Is3 i will keep at it..again thank to you all for your input,i will post if i have any luck....
  12. hi again, maybe this is the wrong place for this question. please help with where i should place my question....thanks
  13. hello iam new to Orbx forms, that said i was wondering is it possible to use scenery3 inputs into Orbx like southern alaska juneau, please direct me to a place where i can get this information. thank you inadvance buck w6brp@juno.com
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