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  1. I tried it for a whole day by a friend of mine but I wasn't able to find the wow factor! My 4.5 runs optimal (butter smooth as many say ) and I just finished some month ago all my personal edited aircrafts to run on 64bit. For me the v5 release seems a bit rushed ahead of comming Fs2020. A hotfix with that massive list of fixes only after two weeks says for me that they are well known befor the release...
  2. Hello, I have P3Dv5 installed and running. My central is 4.1.1 and does not see P3Dv5. On Orbx Direct I get 4.1.1 when I try to download and central itself doesn't update to 4.1.6. Sorry if I have something missed. Thanks. Operating system: Win 10 Simulator: P3Dv5 Screenshot: Issue: central not showing Prepar3d v5 central.log
  3. Hi, small Military airbase near Vienna. Would be realy cool to see this in ORBX quality. Thanks. regards William Sorry, should be in the Freeware request thread
  4. Hi Holger, many thanks for your explanation. I understand now. Cheers, William
  5. Hello, the mountain textures in the sothest regions near Austria are very blurry, is this normal? Did they have such a low resolution? If so is there a way to disabel this parts of GES? Thanks.
  6. Oh no, thats to simple :-) Ok, shame on me. All ok now. Thanks Frank! regards William
  7. Hello, yesterday I got GE south and north. On a flight today I see this texture error (Global base is also installed). Cleaning cache does not help. Anyone can confirm? Thanks!
  8. I begged my cat Nero to catch the mouse to stop me clicking like crazy "add to cart"
  9. psst, I retire in one year. Since there I should be ready, but ORBX must not know this
  10. OLC SA is realy incredible to explore. Many thanks! Now please Africa, I'm waiting for ages for a good scenery/LC for this continent. In about a half year I will be done with exploring SA, so ORBX hurry up ;-) regards William
  11. I don*t have this. Seems not to ba a Vector error. Any other addons for england installed? Try disabling it.
  12. Confirm, turned Bridges on and the one file off. Works now. Thanks Shawn
  13. It's one of the railway bridges. Turning the Railway bridges off in config tool it is working correct. Now to find the right bridge... 3218 deactivated files
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