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  1. Hi, small Military airbase near Vienna. Would be realy cool to see this in ORBX quality. Thanks. regards William Sorry, should be in the Freeware request thread
  2. I begged my cat Nero to catch the mouse to stop me clicking like crazy "add to cart"
  3. psst, I retire in one year. Since there I should be ready, but ORBX must not know this
  4. OLC SA is realy incredible to explore. Many thanks! Now please Africa, I'm waiting for ages for a good scenery/LC for this continent. In about a half year I will be done with exploring SA, so ORBX hurry up ;-) regards William
  5. Don't laugh, I also have my FS2004 active :-) One to three times a month I fly with some good oldies (eg Boeing Clipper). FSX was replaced by P3d v3 and I will keep it. P3d v4 will be the future. ...two month ago I started my old 3Dfx/DOS machine and make a fight in Navy-Fighter :-) regards
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