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  1. New York city is already done, and I doubt they would make it.
  2. If I could, I'd just rename this topic to FTX Regions + sushi and concordes.
  3. Covering all of North America an Europe sounds like something that would just be amazing, the routes you could fly are just amazing. But one issue that would surface is the integration with other major airport sceneries in these areas.
  4. While I was staring blankly at the school board after finishing my exam, I thought "You know what would be cool? FTX coverage of Singapore and Singapore Changi Airport" I think that Singapore would just be a great product, it's the destination of a lot of flights. Singapore has a lot of flights to Australia and is a stopover for several flights from Australia to Europe. For example from Sydney to London, BIA and SIA stop over in Singapore. Singapore is a great airport to have highly detailed scenery for. I know some previous producers have created Singapore scenery, but I think that if FTX made one they would completely be blown out of the water. -Kick
  5. Thank you all for your answers, I'll look into purchasing a copy of AU_Green -Kick
  6. Yes I am running the scenery on its own. But I do recall having more autogen than this without the AU_Green Pack.
  7. Back in 2011 I purchased my copy of FTX Cairns International Airport (YBCS). But a few years later I'm having issues with some of the buildings not showing up, or some of the trees. As shown in the pictures. As you can see from the pictures with the default scenery included the problem is not that my Autogen slider is too low. I thought I could fix this with a few simple clicks in the YBCS control panel. But when I look in my control panel everything is enabled, so just to test I clicked one to disable it. But when I do that I get an error saying "Could not switch option 'Static Airliners and Animated Baggage Staff'." And then I remembered that I had a similar problem before but then everything was disabled and I couldn't enable them again. A few days ago I re-installed FSX to get a nice fresh copy of it so I could just my essential addons. So what I'm suspecting is that somewhere deep in my computer I have some files left of the scenery which is conflicting with my current YBCS control panel, which is preventing my current control panel to change any settings. Help would greatly be appreciated -Kick
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