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  1. While this isn't a commercial for Coca Cola, I love this repaint. Coca Cola used to have some outstanding Christmas commercials on television, especially the Polar Bears and folks from around the world. And, with this, I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a great upcoming New Year!
  2. Well, Mallard, I was looking forward to a little Norway watching. But, will be satisfied with some great shots around beautiful New Norw....Zealand. #1 and #8...take the cake! Cheers, Jim
  3. Excellent set of shots, Karsten. I really like the clouds as much as the scenery and plane. JIm
  4. Great ride with you on these shots. Scenery and aircraft look great. Thanks Martyn. Jim
  5. Great shots. The fog makes for some exciting moments just before landing...or on the go-around! Jim
  6. These are some really great shots, James. Really like the Fitzroy Crossing shot. And, thanks for including the enroute chart segments. Cheers, Jim
  7. Now that's the way I like to "mountain climb"! Great shot, Iain. Jim
  8. Excellent shots, Karsten. Whether a short hop or a long haul, she's a lot of fun to fly. Cheers, Jim
  9. Excellent shots, Ruud. They did an outstanding job with this region. Jim
  10. Great shots, Brad. One of my favorite spots and you sure made them look good. Jim
  11. You sure put a lot into these shots, Lucky. Great creative thought with both of these. Jim
  12. Great set of captures Patrick. You sure are putting a lot of time on the Baron. She looks good. Jim
  13. Great set of shots, Martyn. It's always good to put some air under the wings. Jim
  14. Outstanding trip here Gerold! The 200 looks great. Just frequented the Water Street Oyster Bar recently while in Corpus. A great place. The Lexington is a great reason to visit Corpus. The tour is worth the time spent. What a fantastic and historical piece of work. Thanks for these. Cheers, Jim
  15. Well, stepped out of the comfort zone and found multiquote! Thanks for the comments folks.
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