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  1. Loaded up the Star and headed for Seattle for a little sightseeing Straight ahead Lets just see what the ORBX boys did here Wow...this is sweet stuff OK.. enough rubbernecking..lets see what this Star can do Gettin my ya yas out now Yeah baby...Love this bird Oh Boy That was too close...I'm calling it a night besides I gotta clean up the mess I just made
  2. If your talking XPlane... This Stinson is available, but only the Reliant is v11, not the 108. ORBX UT25 w Xvision and AS
  3. Love this Old Stinson Even the Moose was Stoked
  4. Thanks Doc...its been awhile since I posted a pic. Someone asked about Whitsundays and all I can say is Hamilton island airport and the area around Airlie beach, whitehaven needs more than v2 ..hint hint
  5. https://imgur.com/EPiPoHD https://imgur.com/8uGXjd2 https://imgur.com/IvAgvjF https://imgur.com/eK3eJyC https://imgur.com/h0ZP6Fi https://imgur.com/PgQ6eID https://imgur.com/aXs5kB6 https://imgur.com/XvH1Mux https://imgur.com/KMUneCl https://imgur.com/8Nu2A7L
  6. Wow..Do yourself a favor and spend 100 bucks on a new operating system. The Sims are hard enough on the latest hardware. XP is a dinosaur.. come on
  7. Wow...this is a no brainer for me. The closer we get with photoreal is a plus. JV you develop it, with maybe the option to enable or disable the enhancement, I'm all over it. Its a choice that I would love to have...buy it or not bring on the samples
  8. Don't know much about EZdoc J but from what I see cannot you lower the bump factor manually to say 0.2 or whatever looks like that prog section is for runway takeoff only and not taxiways is which why your seeing no effect
  9. I first thought of LA Woman Jack...but you don't need to bring them into LA
  10. Flyin into Los Angeleez...Bringin in a couple a Keys.. dont lose my bags if you please Mr. customs man
  11. Great ones Brad ...Thats Jack flying by the seat of his pants fsfxpackages ... good stuff
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