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  1. Congratulations, even when I'm not too fond of it, sorry, it's the background and the lens flare that bugs me, I've seen at least 4 better entries. Mind you, I'm a professional designer, I tend to see things differently.
  2. We? Since when do you know what I want? Let me get this straight, the last thing I want is a rushed product and if you were trying to sound funny, then you have a bad sense of humor, especially after the issues with Open Vector.
  3. Can't we just be patient, the last thing I would like to see is a rushed product because people are constantly asking for a release date, don't you seriously have anything else cool to play with in the mean time...geesh....sigh. Orbx, take ALL the time you need!
  4. I like this shot the most, the textures really remind me of France, especially the top/left corner.
  5. Those other 6 are just fake cores, just hyperthreading marketing hype.
  6. Another vote for Switzerland, preferable the area east of Bern. I don't live there, I just like to fly in Switzerland.
  7. Nice video John, but since I still haven't seen those shots, I'm going to bring up the following again. I (and several others) still want to see top shots that show that the pattern issue has been solved. Not above cities.....but in large areas that have farmland, forest, dessert, etc. Right now we're still not convinced. Example: Germany, east of the city Mühlhausen: Another example, Canada, south of London, Ontario, cockpit shot at 8,000ft:
  8. Ironically I was thinking by looking at the shots why water never looks realistic in FSX. I've tried so many add-ons, I never seem to get it right and neither does anyone else. I wonder what's so hard about that water.
  9. You didn't read the part that I now write in bold: "I have yet to see in air screenshots that convince me to switch to Prepar 3D and deal with a whole new bag of different issues." The point is that I can see how it's better when it comes to lighting, better weather, autogen, etc, but just not to such an extend that I'm willing to deal with incompatible products and bugs.
  10. #74, Bladderboy: I like the lighting, colors and the dynamic. Professional work.
  11. I have yet to see in air screenshots that convince me to switch to Prepar 3D and deal with a whole new bag of different issues. While these screenshots aren't bad, in all honesty I've seen better one with FSX in combination with FS Real Global Weather and REX 4. Especially the last one with the cut off cloud layer doesn't impress me. Mind you, I'm not trying to be confrontational, it's just that I'm still not convinced.
  12. I (and several others in other threads) wish you would also post top down shots and before/after shots in these kind of threads. All your shots look more like carefully selected marketing shots than shots that truly want to inform us what a difference this product makes (no offense intended).
  13. I can't get over it how much better things look with this product. I know it would be good, but I never expected this quality. Just...wow.....
  14. This completely boggles my mind, it's the kind of product that justs boosts interest in FSX/Prepar3D like never before. I've heard that so many times....people who came make to the hobby after seeing all these great Orbx products, it's something John and his people should be proud of.
  15. I never reinstall Windows or FSX unless I get a new OS or new hardware. It's all about proper backup/restore strategies that will not only save you time but also increase reliability, security, performance and protection against data loss. Setting up EZdok alone in combination with customized keyboard and joystick setttings, tons of cameras and linking it to voice control and AutoHotKey script alone, would take me hours. No, I passed that stage many years ago. Mind you, I'm an IT professional for 27 years and was already fiddling with computers before the term "Personal Computer" was even invented, so it might be a tad too complicated for most people. Neverthelss, if anyone is interested in my method and has more than average computer skills, just page me (because I don't want to hijack this thread) and I'll explain a few things in more detail.
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