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  1. Mmmm, I'm on FSX-Acc, and I'm not sure we get that option. I'll have to check the fsc.cfg
  2. Global Buildings has revolutionised my FSX, and along with the new LC packages upgrades the sim to new levels. Fantastic. The claim to not affect frame rates is also true. However, for the first time in six years I get Out Of Memory warnings now (when at Heathrow). I used to fly a freeware airliner out of EGLL to European and worldwide destinations regularly with no problems. Today because of the HD 4K Buildings I can never get off the ground. Scaling back autogen, etc. has some effect, but I still don't make it off the ground. Because the add on is such a boon, I've simply stopped flying from Heathrow. My question is, would there ever by an option within HD Buildings to select a lower rez version of those beautiful building renders? I'm sure that last year I read on this forum that it might be a possibility. I hope so. Thanks.
  3. I started at my own creation of Lympne aerodrome (used for several record flights in he 1930s; now a housing estate).
  4. I'll try some screenshots here. My god, the LC Africa landclass scenery is gorgeous! I don't feel I am seeing any repeated textures, the Sahara in Algeria is a desolate but beautiful mix of colours, terrains, textures, dunes and cliffs ... absolutely incredible. I swapped the De Havilland Puss Moth for a Lockheed Electra at one stop over. Wow and wow! Navigating is easier than I thought, I'm following the southward trending Trans Saharan Highway, and I've almost reached the Niger border. A few sand storms caught me off guard and visibility dropped dramatically ..
  5. Thanks. I will just disable the mesh when flying into out of Cairo. Easy.
  6. Since I heard about LC Africa I’ve stayed away from the continent, and planned to recreate Amy Johnson’s 1933 flight to Capetown from England in a de Havilland Puss Moth. Now I’ve started it! A new flight in my home-built flight sim cockpit! Navigating by set headings and using a stopwatch, looking for rivers, roads, headlands, landmarks … no radio beacons or GPS. Get lost I run of fuel and go down – end of flight! First flight to Paris had incredible turbulence over the Channel, trying to twist the De Havilland Puss Moth off course. And the headwind messed up all my maths for timings and fuel. But, after getting lost north of Paris, ended up circling the Eiffel Tower and landing at Le Bourget airfield. Success. The Sahara will be 10x difficult, I’m sure to go off course and wander off into the sand. Its all maths and map-reading!
  7. Thank you Nik, it’s always helpful to hear what other people see in their sim.
  8. I’m not sure why you would not disable the mesh with the lowest resolution. Regarding the original post - does everyone have a dramatic cliff north of Cairo Intl? When I disable Freemesh and Africa mesh and my payware airport, it persists. It persists with any and all combinations of those three add-ons.
  9. Ah yes, unticking LCAfrica mesh solves the problem, so it is the mesh. Ah well, I need that mesh activated I suppose.
  10. Is this normal? I have a big cliff on the northern edge of HECA. I can’t remember ever seeing it before. I’ve disabled HECA in Vector, but no change. I have searched my systems for all HECA AFCADS but nothing sprang up. I’m not at my computer at the moment, so no screenshot unfortunately.
  11. So, John might be asking, why are these customers so crazy about LC Africa? Let me tell you ... I love bush flying, and after flying across country in Egypt, Kenya and Tanzania, I was really bitten by the bug. I built a Piper Aztec cockpit to fit Alabeo’s beautiful Aztec (with new more accurate sounds). Now with LC Africa and some lovely little freeware packages from freewarescenery.com, I have a perfect bush flying simulation. There are freeware airfield packages for Southern Africa, Botswana as well Madagascar. The Southern Africa package contains 100 airstrips alone (some fairly basic, but all better than FSX default). When I bought an Aztec Pilot’s Handbook from eBay, the seller informed me that the original aircraft had flown extensively in Africa, and that just sealed the deal. Flying over the Okavango Delta tonight, and touching down at Gumare airfield ... I am in heaven. Thanks Orbx!
  12. What a fantastic surprise. I've stayed away from Africa for more than a year in anticipation of flying over beautiful OLC scenery. I cannot wait!
  13. Nick, thanks for the reply! I thought I'd check my scenery order one more time before I started taking screenshots. Lo and behold, one Orbx entry is unticked (perhaps when I tested a CTD in North America by unticking all Orbx products a month ago). The entry was Libraries... that did it. Sometimes it isn't complicated ! (Although it usually is!). Everything's back to normal. Thanks again.
  14. I've reinstalled GEN and GES, with no success.... I have Orbx Buildings and also REX Airports, but these have never interfered with Orbx airports before.
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