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  1. So, John might be asking, why are these customers so crazy about LC Africa? Let me tell you ... I love bush flying, and after flying across country in Egypt, Kenya and Tanzania, I was really bitten by the bug. I built a Piper Aztec cockpit to fit Alabeo’s beautiful Aztec (with new more accurate sounds). Now with LC Africa and some lovely little freeware packages from freewarescenery.com, I have a perfect bush flying simulation. There are freeware airfield packages for Southern Africa, Botswana as well Madagascar. The Southern Africa package contains 100 airstrips alone (some fairly basic, but all better than FSX default). When I bought an Aztec Pilot’s Handbook from eBay, the seller informed me that the original aircraft had flown extensively in Africa, and that just sealed the deal. Flying over the Okavango Delta tonight, and touching down at Gumare airfield ... I am in heaven. Thanks Orbx!
  2. What a fantastic surprise. I've stayed away from Africa for more than a year in anticipation of flying over beautiful OLC scenery. I cannot wait!
  3. Nick, thanks for the reply! I thought I'd check my scenery order one more time before I started taking screenshots. Lo and behold, one Orbx entry is unticked (perhaps when I tested a CTD in North America by unticking all Orbx products a month ago). The entry was Libraries... that did it. Sometimes it isn't complicated ! (Although it usually is!). Everything's back to normal. Thanks again.
  4. I've reinstalled GEN and GES, with no success.... I have Orbx Buildings and also REX Airports, but these have never interfered with Orbx airports before.
  5. I've just noticed there are missing hangers in my FSX at Erding AFB and Ramstein AFB (maybe others too). I know because I was looking on this forum at a screenshot of another customer's Ramstein, plus at Erding I have a radar sitting on top of an invisible hangar. I have: Increased autogen sliders to max right Scanned the sceneries using FTX Central Updated the Orbx Libraries Checked for updates on FTX Central, but none were highlighted or available Is my next step to uninstall and reinstall? I have no other conflicting sceneries I can think of, apart from Aerosoft Cologne and Munich.
  6. Had a quick test flight over Nairobi and then Bahraihn, the desert city buildings are fabulous, this looks like it will be a fantastic upgrade for my entire simulator. Amazing Orbx - thank you!!
  7. Hi Nick, not spotted any yet. I'll try and keep a record as I fly about in the next couple of months. Thanks for your help and patience,
  8. Thank you Nick you certainly have helped with your image. I have islands back in the Lake District, but sadly not at the large lake near my home airfield, at Hornsea. (see image above) Location: N53 53.78, W0 11.27
  9. I have UK2000 airports installed, but always have.
  10. Everywhere Nick! The Lake District, Hornsea Mere and everywhere else. I appreciate that this may not be an Orbx glitch, but some incompatability, and although I condider myself pretty FSX savvy, I cannot think of a way in which this problem can occur in FTX England, but not Scotland, PNW, SAK etc....
  11. Eagle, when I reinstall FSX (very rarely) my first add on is always FTX Global. It is a massive game changer in textures, in landscapes. I want to see meadows in England and rice paddies in Thailand, and FTX Global gives me that. It is the single most useful add on, whatever the price. It is worth it!
  12. I had FTX England installed from disc up to 004. I had only outlines of the islands that should have been in the various lakes. To address this, I deleted all FTX ENG entries from my FSX Scenery list, then exited and deleted all FTX England folders in the ORBX folder. I then bought FTX England from Orbx Direct, installed it and updated too. The islands sat within lakes are still hollow outlines however. Putting all scenery sliders to the right does not affect it. I remember having solid islands in England after I had initially installed England from disc a few years ago, but cannot remember which patch suddenely made them vanish - I had thought it was 004. I hope you can assist in some way. This is my primary flying area, a gorgeous and interesting region!
  13. Oh, cheers! I thought it might just interest me!! I use the example of the Caribbean, but I'm keen to set up in FTX Southern Alaska, really. Thanks for your post, I appreciate it!
  14. OK. I've created something myself. I tried Cargo Pilot, but it kept sending me hundreds of miles away from my preferred area, I have fsPassengers and I read all the reviews of Air Hauler2. I don't want to manage a company, mess with paychecks, fuel prices or be forced to fly to keep the business running. What I want is a dispatcher telling me where my next flight will be to, and if I have to divert after that to drop off or pick up more passengers. Luckily I write roleplaying games for a living and so with a pack of cards and a notebook, managed to create the 13 page PDF entitled FLIGHT SIM AIR TAXI - Pen and Paper Rules. I've uploaded it to the AVSIM Library under Misc (unsure of posting off site links here).
  15. Thanks for the advice everyone, Freemesh installed OK and certainly got rid of the lake elevations. I hope it doesn't cause me headaches later down the line. Very cool!
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