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  1. What countries are covered by ORBX Europe? I.E. does it include England if it does why buy EU England?
  2. Many thanks for the info. Isles of Scilly is my favourite
  3. Back last August it was reported that Orbx had bought Earth Simulations Alderney Guernsey Jersey and Isle of Man and it was said that Alderney would be first to be released under the Orbx banner before the end of the year so what is the latest news. I noticed there was no mention of the Isles of Scilly is this included for an update be Orbx?
  4. I got an email as I expect everyone else has too. About "Orbx True Earth Netherlands" I thought it was released as the email quoted the price of Orbx TrueEarth pricing will mirror our existing regions; Netherland will be released for AUD$54.95 (~USD$42 / £30 / €34 ) So when is the release date?
  5. You learn something everyday Many thanks for this info , it;s fixed everything
  6. But Arlanda is not in my FTX Central within the P3dv4 FTX Global range. So how can I update with something that is no longer there? If I go into my account it is listed but I originally bought it through SimMarket. And I can't even buy it again as it's not listed available for P3Dv4
  7. Six weeks since this update was announced and nothing new yet, what's the latest ?
  8. Giving it a bump to see if there is any news on a date for the update?
  9. Yes I do run AEC with FSX up and running, so that's causing the problem. Many thanks will now do as you say and not have FSX running when doing the AEC tool
  10. Near enough every time I run the Airport Elevation Correction tool in FTX Central I get at least a dozen of these "Scenery.Dat file errors pop ups for different airports I have turned on. How do I fix it to stop these error notices?
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