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  1. Would the major airports mentioned here be a significant improvement over the P3Dv4 airports terminals, runways, taxiways, etc? I am especially interested in the terminals being more representative of the real buildings. Thanks.
  2. Will the AI Traffic addons work with UTLive, or are they only for the default P3D generated traffic? Thanks.
  3. Yes, all of the general island scenery is available, and looks great via Orbx Global, but the specific airport detail scenery is what I am referring too. Orbx has airport scenery for most of the World, but nothing for the Caribbean. What is available as freeware is of poor quality and does not represent the airport as it is in real life. It is just a shame that scenery developers are producing beautiful scenery representations for the major airports of the world and ignoring what are major destination airports in the Caribbean. As I said earlier in my opening post, one can get airports of the Caribbean but they are not of the quality being developed now with new technology, and are not updated at all. I don't just want to see and fly over Landclass, I want to be able to land at an airport completing the immersion of realism. Orbx develops airport scenery of countries, so what has happened to the Caribbean? It's an neglected area.
  4. As user of Orbx products I must ask "Is Orbx ever going to do any airports of the Caribbean"? Starting from the Greater Antilles and ending up at the Lesser Antilles, their is Havana Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Santo Domingo (many airports within), Puerto Rico, US/British Virgin Is., St. Marteen, Angulla, Antigua all the way down to Trinidad & Tobago. These islands, this area is neglected by most developers and even when an airport is developed it is quickly thereafter forgotten without support or updates. I live in the Caribbean and would love to have a new set of scenery for my sim, equal in quality to what is being presented now of others by new technology. The Caribbean is a beautiful area to fly in, but also offers many challenges to pilots with quickly changing tropical weather and terrain, as it relates to airport location. I hope that Orbx gives consideration to adding this area to their scenery listing. Regards,
  5. Has anyone installed the 'Buildings' addon and found it affected the smoothness and or FPS of their installation? I am thinking of purchasing this new addition to my ORBX family, but have concerns that the high detail will affect the FPS, etc. Thanks.
  6. Hello, can someone guide me to the post by "Poppet (Elaine)" where she explains how to upgrade or reinstall P3Dv4 with ORBX addons. I thought I had it bookmarked but can't find the link at all. Thanks,
  7. Terry, your suggestion of reducing the autogen draw distance seems to have worked. So far no CTD's. Thanks,
  8. Nick, I upgraded once again to P3D4.4 using LM suggestions i.e. deleting all cfg files, scenery indexes and shaders; and reducing the autogen draw distance as recommended by Terry. I am now VERY HAPPY to report that following numerous re-positioning of the aircraft and a few approaches to the culpable airports of previous CTD's none occurred, and so far P3D seems stable. Thank you and Terry for the fix. Regards,
  9. Yes, P3D will just disappear with the message.
  10. Thanks Terry; I can't remember the specific location of the last one, but two were 8 nm off of the west coast of Piarco (TTPP) and Crown Point (TTCP) using Latin VFR scenery for those airports; I remember the exact location because I re-positioned the aircraft to that distance. To stand corrected I believe the last CTD was between those same airports on a flight from TTPP-TTCP. I do have my draw distances at max, but again I was following (this time) ORBX recommended settings; so maybe this is the cause of my CTD's. I will consider trying another upgrade to 4.4 and lower those settings. Regards,
  11. Yes Nick, including the Shaders. All that was recommended by LM I did; and I did do a full clean install of version 4.4 on one of the retries. Regards,
  12. I was using P3D4.3 with ORBX (Global Base, Vector, NA & SA Globals, Trees & Lights) and P3D worked great. I upgraded to 4.4 and CTD's were happening regularly. Went back to 4.3, again no problems, worked great. I Decided to give 4.4 another chance, CTD on the first go with a re-position. It is my opinion their is something not right with P3D4.4 and the ORBX combination. I love ORBX scenery and would not give it up, so I have gone back to P3D4.3 and will remain there until their is another version issue by LM that may work. I saw somewhere on a forum it was mentioned that LM are aware of the CTD problem with version 4.4 but are keeping it quiet, but this has not been verified; so this may have nothing at all to do with ORBX.
  13. Can I update or reinstall FTX products using the FTC Central "Verify Files" button after updating or reinstalling P3D? Thanks,
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