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  1. don't talk down to me mate. YOU are the one who suddenly changed everything and made it impossible to access orbx except through your central v3. YOU are the one who should have prepared for the expected effects. OF COURSE everyone is going to panic. for instance if we were, as i was, halfway through upgrading Global to a new PC build, why should WE be the ones who have to read your damn small print, we've got enough problems of our own -- caused by your deciding to change your whole system. YOU should be apologizing to ME. don't you dare blame ME for YOUR stupidity in not being prepared for the consequences of your actions -- they are after all your actions not mine. Jeezus Christ: first trump and now you. i'm fed up with the lot of you. i walked away from the first. i'll keep walking if you trash me in any more postings. love and kisses tom bestor
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