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  1. Hi Nick, of course you are right and that's why I put bug inside quotation marks It is of course not incorrect to use the elevation with highest priority stated for an airport, but this behavior is not really "compatible" with the method FSAerodata is using to update the navdata unfortunately. But therefore Jose provided a special tool and using this, there should be no elevation conflicts, so everyone should be happy Marc
  2. Of course this file is missing, because you have to run a tool called "MakeRwys.exe". Please make sure to follow the steps Jose described: Procedure to update elevations on fsAerodata BGL file to match those on 3rd part airports: 1. Disable the fsAerodata(FSAD) database. 2. Copy to Prepar3D main folder, the exe files supplied on this zip distribution, including the files inside MakeRwys.zip. Don't forget to provide administrator permission to the executable files. 3. Run MakeRwys.exe and let generate the list of addons runways. 4. Enable the FSAD database. 5. Open Windows Explorer a
  3. TymK is partially right...the navdata has been updated, but the it is again quite old, dated somewhere in 2017, when development of V5 started I don't know if you've seen the thread on the FSAerodata-Forum (link), but Jose is providing a tool to work around the elevation problems. This "bug" has been introduced with P3DV4HF2 and it is still there in P3DV5. So you should give it a try and see if it works Marc
  4. The ILS station at CFBXN has an offset of 0.9NM to the runway So this should be correct. Marc
  5. Unfortunately the videos cannot be accessed, because they are private Marc
  6. Ok, I'm back with another updated comparison of the airports in P3DV4 and V5. I compiled three different lists and also included a readme-file with the description of what is included and what it means. With this data it should be easy to check for any discrepancy between the V4 and V5-database using Excel or other programs of course: The csv-files are attached P3DV4V5_ICAO_Matches_and_is_closest.csv P3DV4V5_ICAO_Matches_but_is_not_closest.csv P3DV4V5_ICAO_NoMatch_decommissioned_or_changed.csv Cheers, Marc
  7. I think the same issue can be seen in BIKF (using OPEN-LC Europe) and I suppose I know the reason why Open-LC adds an overhauled (elevation corrected) airport in this case. The remains of the stock airport should not be visible of course. Regarding the taxiway-signs Orbx added some exclusion rectangles around them, but of course these are referenced to the positions in P3D V4. With the airport updates in P3D V5 some airports have been corrected and now these exclusion rectangles are not in the right place sometimes. Here is one exemplary defintio
  8. Hi, unfortunately my search "algorithm" was not good enough Not all airports with changed ICAOs are included in my list! I tried a different approach with calculating the distance between airports, finding the closest match of an old V4 to a new V5 airport. Now I have a really big list and tried to compile a new "Changed ICAO list", but there are many circumstances to consider: The ICAO code and the airport position did not change -> The easiest part The ICAO code is no longer in use (in V5), but an airport with a new ICAO is at the exact same positi
  9. Out of interest I tried to check the differences in ICAO-codes between P3D V4 and V5. For this purpose I used the tool makeRunways from Pete and John Dowson on a vanilla install of V4 and V5. Then I eliminated airports with unchanged ICAO and afterwards I checked the airport coordinates to match the remaining airports with different ICAOs and here is a list with all differences I could find. There are 496 changed ICAO-codes and I also included this list as CSV. Hopefully this is helpful DiffP3DV4_V5.csv
  10. Unfortunately Simple Airport Scanner is not yet compatible with P3DV5...otherwise the ideas is great
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