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  1. Ah..okay thanks Nick.. didn't expect such a prompt response. I am of course chastened by your Saturday night response. My apolovise for not researching deeper!! Ray
  2. Since a System crash and rebuild, I have installed P3dv5 instead of going back to P3dv4. I note , now launching Orbx that some of my airpors and a utility are missing. Airports like Brisbane and Melbourne, and a utility are missing from my list of purchased products I have relaunched and restarted this App more than once Is this a known issue , or what do I have to do to get them back? Thanks
  3. Thanks Carlos, I do not use Geoforce experience.. that will explain why i was puzzled.. But thank you for the images and time taken to explain. I do appreciate it. Best wishes
  4. Sounds similar to me - did you install P3vd4.5 hotfix 2?
  5. Thanks Carlos Appreciate your feedback. When you say go to Nvidia settings, do you mean use the Nvidia Control Panel?? I see no location setting there that points to a file location for storing images ??
  6. Doug, I accept your observation. You will just have to choose to take my word for it or not. I have no idea why the first scenery.cfg file has no 3rd party scenery included. I supplied that file from the location as requested by Nick After enable the Fastpath updated it which gave me the correct Vector insertions. I am not here to make you or Orbx support look bad. Just trying to get to the bottom of a problem that has affected my scenery since HF2 was installed 2 days ago. The screen shots I attempted didn't show up in my pictures file i struggled to get a screen dump within Prepar3d that saved at all. If I look through my pictures folders nothing appears I have tried Alt Shift S Windows and Print Screen Ctrl F5 Gave up - unless someone else knows where these pics might be stored? In the meantime I am using FTX Central. This seems to work But I hesitate to declare everything fixed simply because I understand others are also having this issue and of course I am running FTX Central and not Orbx Central. I should add, that during all this process windows 10 has been churning through updates. I have auto update turned off, but amazingly Microsoft ignores its own settings and installs anyway!!
  7. further update. uninstalled Orbx Central V 4.16 Installed FTX central and went through the normal scenery updates Launched Prepar3d and go to YMML result - normal layout - no bad tiles Try various other airports - all good. no bad tiles Over to Orbx to comment
  8. Good morning Well, the results are in for me. Unfortunately and as I suspected, it has made absolutely no difference what insertion point I choose. With, or without advanced layering ticked Either Orbx is not writing the changes to the scenery.cfg correctly or changes made under Hot Fix 2 have screwed the way in which Orbx layers its scenery?? Not sure who needs to address this issue but I hope Orbx comes up with a suggestion that works for me. Hot fix 1 is no longer available so rolling back isn't going to happen. My intention is to try Nick Coopers suggestion and roll back to version 3 of Orbx Central and see if that works - or laboriously go through each scenery line by line and reorder things manually... here is my latest scenery config and add ins files after applying the recommended solutions ... scenery.cfg add-ons.cfg
  9. Okay - well I will report back tomorrow as to my experience and outcome based on your insertion points recommendations Thanks for your guidance on this matter
  10. Okay. so because they are still part of the overall makeup of scenery does 3rd party scenery not XML and not included as seen by Orbx Central 4.x , mean they will be overridden by texture and mesh files from Obrx ?
  11. Hmmm..That is weird !! if that is the case it will cause issues for me as i do have 3rd party airports..lots of them. What has happened?? now I am totally confused. Anyway, I will report back tomorrow with the outcome
  12. Thank you Doug. This is contrary to my understanding of the usefulness of insertion points . However i am willing to try this combination and if it doesn't overlay all my 3rd party airports and works I will be very happy. Will get back to you Thanks again
  13. Update -downloaded 3.16 Orbx Central... Vector now working correctly ..thank you. However, the issue of tiling disorder and insertion points remains. Odaber - already deleted shaders, and terrain.cfg as part of the process but thanks for the hint. Nick reattached files again .. I believe I understand the order by which insertion points works - at lease it h as worked flawlessly in the past? Now however, WHATEVER order I place insertion entry point as , those wrong tiles keep appearing.. scenery.cfg add-ons.cfg
  14. Nick , thanks I will take your word for it. But it confuses the heck out of me. Before the HF2 update - everything worked fine. tomorrow I will trial the newest update and also check on my insertion points (which by the way, I have changed countless times to try to overcome the issue). Thanks for your assistance
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