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  1. TuFun


    Flying off the coast of California with "Blueprint" half-n-half!
  2. In a pretty bi-plane!
  3. TuFun

    Hey Rodger "Lone Duck"

    Hey, Rodger the one bird that is lacking for the P3D world. Wonder what the Duck birds are doing these days. Did they survive the war?
  4. TuFun

    Hey Rodger "Lone Duck"

    Thanks, guys! I did a series of Duck B-25 battle paints for Rodger. Inspiration from his novels. 7 plus 1
  5. Kinda the outsider of the "The Duck Squadron" based on Rodger's novels. Battle-worn "Loned Duck" B-25 during the war and now as she is today make the virtual airshow circuits. Flying off the coast of Monterey.
  6. TuFun

    Boeing Stearman N2S-3 at Rohnerville

    You a wild and crazy guy! You see some of the crazy paint jobs used during the war to line up a fleet. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a6/c2/4e/a6c24ecea2580e35d5ca7c5abd65dad8.jpg
  7. TuFun

    Retired crop duster!

    Stitches, bumps, specs, and canvas still need to be done. First I need to locate the wing spars. Should be done in a few days. For now just enjoying the scenery! Oh, and have you seen the Mississippi University Stearman (MSU)? Look that one up!
  8. This was flown awhile as you see here but later return back to a two-seater. I have a few more planned like the Stearman mail carriers in "The Aviator" starring Christopher Reeve.
  9. TuFun

    More bling!

    Not sure what Jan Visser plans are now that he is working on the C-47 model. Maybe upgrade the model for PBR. I have a DR model that not released as of yet for my Monty's textures. I'm going to go thru it and refine some of the textures since now that I have a new working computer. Been out of the loop for over a year. DR: Dynamic Reflection (P3D)
  10. TuFun

    More bling!

    Thanks all! Sent the textures to Spad54 (GAS) for input.
  11. TuFun

    One more Broussard

    One of the best painters on the planet! Nice work Jan.
  12. TuFun

    Up the Junction

    Very nice indeed!
  13. TuFun

    Just one for your eyes

    You guys banter is so funny! Excellent shot I might add.
  14. TuFun

    Only one.

    Wow! Awesome shot!
  15. TuFun

    Best modern friend

    "WWW" since I no longer have to have those 50 book encyclopedias. So easy to acquire information these days. Save me a ton of money on how to fix things.