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  1. Thank you gents for your comments!
  2. This one is a newer DDW C-47 model and has not been ported over to XP.
  3. Monty also used KN645 and nicely polished also. VIP birds were used by Royalty, dignitaries, and of course Monty. Note the passenger door on the aft cargo door. KN645
  4. Found the article. On the ground, as in the air, the same high standards are the rule, and the crews among the Air Force's best tradesmen. They are particularly proud of their aircraft and the hand-polishing is just an outward manifestation of that pride. I may be wearying work, polishing the entire fabric of an aircraft with metal polish and a handful of rag, but it is done by hand because machine buffing would gradually wear down the heads of the aluminum rivets. And, when there are not enough ground crew to do the work, the aircrews themselves take time off from their training and lend a hand. The result: a No.24 Squadron aircraft stands out on an airfield like an "export only" job... But the exterior glitter is not the only thing that makes them exceptional, Many are "specials" inside as well. Another of the Dakota Flight's showpieces is Field Marshal Montgomery's aircraft. He designed the interior himself, and in the workmanship and finish its cabin is not like that of Lord Tedder. But the C.I.G.S. has neither a bunks nor gallery. He rarely sleeps or takes meals in the air, but spends most of his time reading and writing.
  5. There was an article in this aircraft in magazine from the 40's showing how they maintained this bird. Every flight the crew got there rags out and cleaned and hand polished this aircraft. The crew didn't use buffers because they didn't want to put any wear on the rivets.
  6. GAS Stearman crop duster freeware available at SOH. The repaint will be available soon at SOH. Dirty and oil are next on the list. Repaint is based on the movie "The Aviator" (1985).
  7. Movie prop at Monterey...
  8. Thanks, Rodger for pointing out the fabulous visuals!
  9. Thanks Rodger! After seeing this, I was inspired! -TeD Manuel Flemming C-47
  10. Flying off the coast of California with "Blueprint" half-n-half!
  11. Hey, Rodger the one bird that is lacking for the P3D world. Wonder what the Duck birds are doing these days. Did they survive the war?
  12. Thanks, guys! I did a series of Duck B-25 battle paints for Rodger. Inspiration from his novels. 7 plus 1
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