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  1. Was in the USAF (1975), skipped a beat then left in 1986 to go to college.
  2. The coolest job I had was working on F-105F/G, F-4C/D/E/F/G, B-52G/H, A-10C, and finally my last aircraft the F-16C/D models. My best job was working for FedEx as computer techie.
  3. If I got the buffer out I might put holes in it. You think Jan (peer) can do something... maybe in purple! Anywho awesome shots!!!
  4. Lik'n these shots! Favorite A2A bird is the P-40, the other one is the C-182.
  5. Thanks guys! Adam... no paint just all metal and just keeping the Howard alive in this day and age.
  6. Very nice, the scenery looks fantastic. Can't say that for the aircraft.
  7. My very first computer was a kit build. That was in the late 80"s and it was a 386SX 16 with 1 meg of ram plus an amber 13" monitor. Two floppy drives 3.5 and 5.25. Don't recall the size of the hard drive but it was big 5.25 hdd. All paid for by Pell grant in college. Pretty much built computers ever since!
  8. Isn't it why one buys Orbx scenery for the eye candy? That's all I see in the screenshots! P3D looks ugly without it.
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