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  1. TuFun

    When do you forget your age?

    When I don't look in the mirror! Still doing what I've always been doing and meditation helps a bunch!!! I have an excuse though... 62 young.
  2. Well I'm at that point now since almost a year now. The last few years prior I enjoy the creative side of me in working with Photoshop and Audacity for aircraft projects. My radial avatar was done in Photoshop. Maybe if P3Dv5 has something that will grab my interest, then I might build a new replacement computer with the latest goodies. Otherwise I have a classic muscle car I can restore in the meantime. Oh and still enjoy checking out the forums at times!
  3. TuFun

    Who still chooses the difficult planes?

    I've waited a long time for flight simulators to mimic real functions and flight. Today's sims are near that now. Sure I like using crl-e for a quick flight at times and thank the developers for adding that option, but I also enjoy going by the book to see if I really can do it. I think the most fun I've ever had is counting the blades on a C-47 before hitting the mags and trying to bring those big radials to life. Also when a sputtering engine in the A2A P-40 was starving for fuel when I forgot to switch tanks. It's all magic no matter which way we fly! -TeD
  4. I was fortunate to get a crack at flying a few real USAF simulators in the 70's and early 80's. Since these simulators were actually equipped with real cockpits, I was dispatched to work on them at times. The first one was an F-4 non-motion sim (1977). The operator threw in a UFO in one of the flights, very surprised about that one. In the 80's was stationed a SAC training base and checked out a full motion B-52 refueling simulator. I was surprised how heavy the yoke was and those eight throttles. I crashed into the KC-135 Tanker. The Tanker was a stationary model with several cameras rotating around it. No CGI. The other was KC-135 Tanker full motion simulator. I was working on the B-52 simulator and a Major asked if we would like a spin in the Tanker. Major said buckle up and hear we go! TeD
  5. TuFun


    That's one ugly car..."Pacer".
  6. TuFun

    Day Job& DC3

    Love the DC-3/C-47 aircraft!!! Cool job too!
  7. Ah... my wallet won't open anymore. When I mention P3Dv4 I can hear Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, and Jackson singing once again!!!
  8. TuFun


    Field Marshal (5 stars).
  9. Flying my favorite aircraft... the Dakota!!!
  10. I'm thinking when viewing this video of "Q" developing this for 007! Remembering the Jetpack in Thunderball (1965) with Sean Connery.
  11. TuFun

    C-47 To Cuba

    I saw a FSX video of a flight with C-47 v.2 and he had the throttles on max all the way thru the flight. I was once like that, didn't pay much attention to the manual. Ctrl+E and GO!!!
  12. TuFun

    C-47 To Cuba

    Like the new colors. Is this a automated drone DC3? No yokes! Cowls are wide open, hard on the cowls at that speed. Set to trailing will auto the cowls. Cruise is usually MAP 30" RPM's 2050 for the R-1830's or around MAP 22" to save fuel. I've always like looking at cockpit pics to see how one is flying their bird!