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  1. My very first computer was a kit build. That was in the late 80"s and it was a 386SX 16 with 1 meg of ram plus an amber 13" monitor. Two floppy drives 3.5 and 5.25. Don't recall the size of the hard drive but it was big 5.25 hdd. All paid for by Pell grant in college. Pretty much built computers ever since!
  2. Isn't it why one buys Orbx scenery for the eye candy? That's all I see in the screenshots! P3D looks ugly without it.
  3. Thanks guys... was looking a pics of 2-MF-16 and the one that came with the model was not even close.
  4. "The British called it the Dakota. The airlines referred to it simply as the Three; their pilots called it Old Methuselah, Placid Plodder, Dowa­ger Duchess, Doug, or the Dizzy Three. But the name most com­monly applied to this Grand Old Lady of the Skies is Gooney Bird, named after the albatross, a seabird known for its endurance and ability to fly great distances."
  5. Thanks guys! Once upon a time NASA tow aircraft. NASA Tow Aircraft
  6. Looks like you could get frostbite from touching this bird! De-ice then wash. Great shots!
  7. This is P3Dv3 and Orbx KMRY. Latest FSX native model of Milton Shupe Howard 500. All new paint and bumps by me.
  8. Jankees does those, I don't do those type of military aircraft. If selected my focus will be MSFS. Sim-outhouse and Avsim has lots of repaints for MJ C-47.
  9. @ Rob Abernathy My favorite year Ford F1 pickup you got there! My hot rod has a 5.0 HO V8 with T-5 trans connected through an custom aluminum driveshaft to an 8.8 axle sporting 3.55 Zoom gear set. Dual Stainless steel exhaust with Super 10's to make a little bit quieter.
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