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  1. Thanks all and for Stillwarter using Nvidia Profile Inspector for the sharpness.
  2. I rarely fly, but thought I would fly an equal rare aircraft in P3Dv3. Orbx Palm Springs with NASC
  3. D1 for the fact she is a women who lived through WW2 in Germany. One brave women... my mother! Honored to take care of her today!!!
  4. Well there is one place I would like to visit or stay that my mother and a few others have been but it's off-world!
  5. Well as part of the "Team" I concur with Manfred's C-47. I did the radial sounds (first attempt at this) and updated the rivets/lines for the later versions. Examples The other is Milton's FSX Howard 500. And... plus a few others Rodger knows about. Examples
  6. Of course it's C... we know how to handle slippery services! "D6"
  7. One of my favorites and saw this one at the Air Museum car show... little Cobra style. I'm not a pickup kinda guy but love the Ford F1 trucks. Another one at the car show.
  8. Brand new 1966 Shelby H licensed by Ford! Old school look is only skin deep, modern works elsewhere. Look at the Coyote engine and chassis! Like any of them Revology makes.
  9. Thanks guys! Always like the O-2, this one I removed most of the military decals for civilian use.
  10. Walter Sutton's Pvt Strip-WA7 FSD O-2 (USAF Ret)
  11. Was in the USAF (1975), skipped a beat then left in 1986 to go to college.
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