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  1. The freeware airport map covers only those fields in the USA. I think someone else has a map and/or airport list for Europe. Thanks for the comment though
  2. The freeware airport packs are just that--freeware airports only. No area wide scenery is provided. You would need to purchase items like Global Base, Global Vector and Open LC (landclass) for North America and/or Open LC for Europe, and possibly Open LC for South America. Don't forget to install the Orbx Libraries (freeware) and FTX Central.
  3. I suppose it technically needs to be in a P3Dv2 forum but I think I've gotten my answer already as noted above. Thanks Doug.
  4. Just noticed I placed this in P3Dv3 forum. Forgive me please.
  5. I just purchased and installed the Southern Alaska (North America) package. The usual boundary outlines are not showing up in Google Earth nor does the wording "Southern Alaska". I moved an aircraft to several airports and the scenery appears to be installed. FTX Central indicates the product is installed and up to date. I already have the various landclasses etc installed and the libraries are up to date. What have I forgotten? Order # 5d389c4e9cb4a Jus
  6. Thanks Nick. I'll urge our member to keep it updated as airports are added.
  7. A member of our flight sim group has developed a Google Map showing all (I think) freeware airports. Enjoy: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1zu7LOZHfAzOsGHEtcEjdPUiLIUoyK_HQ&ll=7.026895853450065%2C-109.99057219999997&z=2
  8. Dang my fingers. They never obey my least command. I'll check things out and make the necessary changes. Thanks
  9. Sorry here too Gerard. You probably caught me at one of my (frequent) bad moments. 0V2(KANK) it is and thus it shall remain. If that's the worst we ever do, we're doing OK I think.
  10. OK, when you guys decide which designator is correct let me know and I'll make ONE MORE CHANGE. I'm not looking it up, I'm not tracking it down. Let me know.
  11. The release announcement that a new list of updated freeware airports contains a list of the newest additions. When I update the spreadsheets I highlight the release date (e.g. April 2019 release) until a newer update occurs.
  12. D/L'ed the airport packs just now and installed without incident. Seems all OK now.
  13. The freeware airport lists (USA & Canada etc) have been updated thru and including April 2019 release. Have fun, fly happy.
  14. Right now I can't comment other than to say I seem to have fallen behind on updates to the listings. Sorry
  15. With the passing of Neal HillI I have lost my Orbx contact for ongoing lists of updates to the freeware airport packs and therefore am unable to maintain my lists of Canada/U.S.A./South America freeware airports. If whoever steps forward to maintain and organize the freeware airport listings will PM me I will be pleased give him/her my email address so that I can maintain the listings I have been updating for the past few years.
  16. Kind of a dumb question but how do I clear old, out of date notifications and messages? My inbox is somewhat cluttered these days.
  17. I am deeply sorry to just read of Neil's passing.
  18. Please note, I have been asked about the possibility of deleting or otherwise noting if a specific freeware airport has been superseded by an airport included in a payware region (think Northern and Southern California). The short answer here is that if you own a specific payware region in which a freeware airport was once located, then that freeware airport should be considered as superseded by the payware region version. Thanks to all who use my lists as references for flying destinations or take off points.
  19. Thanks for the feedback. I'm not completely sure I understand what you are asking about "leaving in the airports FTX....noting their removal". The freeware airports lists do note the date of each airports' updating over in the comments section. PM me if you would like to discuss further. I will take a look at the spreadsheets and see if I can easily insert a modification date but when Orbx announces new additions to the list the spreadsheets are updated with in a week or less. Hope this helps.
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