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  1. Grand set Adam, you always make the scenery look great, thanks for the promo.
  2. Great stuff Adam, thanks for the preset.
  3. Great collection, the weather depiction is superb, thank you for sharing.
  4. Check that you have Holger PNG mesh installed and that your mesh is set to 5 meters. It’s the roughest of the PNG strips but shouldn’t be like moguls. Some fine shots there. thank you for sharing your flights with us cheers Ken
  5. Great shots thanks for sharing
  6. A great set showing some of the detail
  7. Some great shots and skillfull flying, many thanks for posting these
  8. These are composed so artistically, just awesome.
  9. Great set, I’d love to see you taxi that bird up the ramp at Pebbly Beach, grab a burger at the Buffalo Nickel Restaurant while your there.
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