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  1. Not sure as yet, part of me prefers to do new stuff and the other part feels obligated to our customers, so I guess provided we can do it justice it will get the love.
  2. Request: Snow on objects, to go with snow on the ground. unfortunately the technology doesn’t exist to provide this feature at the moment. Asobo is aware of this and hopefully they will find a way to implement it. Cheers
  3. Absolutely, and with the Satellite imagery already done it makesway for the whole of PNG to be done
  4. I have just been advised that Tapini wasn't working in V5, I will have a fix for it ASAP, really sorry about the delay, I had no idea it wasn't working. cheers Ken
  5. I can't commit to P3d at the moment, as much as I would like to release for all platforms the extra work is quite substancial, P3D requires different materials for PBR plus a lot ofother stuff. I know Elon Musk's internet will be out soon and the online situation will change. I don't fly P3D anymore myself and there is so much to do for MSFS. Thank you for asking but I doubt I'll have the passion to develop for P3D anymore. cheers Ken
  6. Tremendous captures, mosquito bites for sure. Glad your enjoying PNG and thanks for sharing.
  7. Wonderful shots Carlos, thank you for sharing
  8. Great shots, never get tired of seeing that waterfall.
  9. Hope you had a good one Jack, looks like you had a ripper
  10. do you have fly Tamps Vagas? this area is not in the Boulder scenery PR area,I'll ask some of the other developers if they have encountered this before . most unusual. cheers Ken
  11. Great set, thank you for the runway shots showing the PBR textures. cheers Ken
  12. Gotta love the Porter, great shots
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