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  1. great narrative, to go with some fine piloting, screenies are superb.
  2. damm!! now I have to buy it, magnificent shots of an awesome aircraft
  3. Bush flying fun at it's finest, these are some awesome captures, thanks heaps for the great promo. cheers
  4. Beauties, I spent hours at low level checking all the coast, so rugged and so many nooks and crannies to explore.
  5. Great combo, perfect aircraft for the job
  6. loved it , exploring by chopper is the way to go, great commentry
  7. Top notch set, great flight plan utilising AYPY and Tapini regions. Thank you for sharing what is possible using both regions. cheers Ken
  8. Very relaxing, always great to fly where you learned to fly, so many memories, we put Walker Airfield in, sure you must have been there many times. Thank you for the kind words and the promo. cheers Ken
  9. Grand set Adam, you always make the scenery look great, thanks for the promo.
  10. Great stuff Adam, thanks for the preset.
  11. Great collection, the weather depiction is superb, thank you for sharing.
  12. Check that you have Holger PNG mesh installed and that your mesh is set to 5 meters. It’s the roughest of the PNG strips but shouldn’t be like moguls. Some fine shots there. thank you for sharing your flights with us cheers Ken
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