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  1. Guadalcanal to Port Moresby

    Glad you made it safe, more great information during the flight.
  2. Recon on the Kokoda Track

    Looking good, hope the weather holds, be careful with those bush strips but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the challenge
  3. Fiji to Guadelcanal

    quality posting, to simulate such amazing flights and explore is surely the ultimate. great story great shots good luck with papua cheers ken
  4. Catalina - KAVX

    Great set, love the paint job
  5. Clouds

    Great shots Kev, glad to hear your feeling better cheers Ken
  6. By popular request

    Swordfish maybe
  7. Samoa to Fiji

    Entertaining as always, can’t wait for PNG flights
  8. Some more of Somoa

    Thanks Tom, Tim and I had a ball with this one, glad our efforts show through.
  9. Boulder City Municipal

    As far as AI goes Graham’s the man, pretty sure he will include some joy flights, don’t think we can do much about the choppers though. cheers Ken
  10. Istanbul - a hidden gem?

    Great find Andy
  11. Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas to you too Jack, love your artwork and humour. Stay safe over the festive season and not too much inverted antics cheers Ken
  12. Some more of Somoa

    Wow, tremendous set and so well documented, thanks heaps. All your shots are composed beautifully cheers Ken
  13. Boulder City Municipal

    The PR is big but I didn’t notice any smaller strips, if you could share any info you have on them I’ll see what I can do. cheers Ken
  14. Boulder City Municipal

    Thanks fabs, you may have something of use for sure, I’m including many POIs, places like the Casino, Veterans home boulder dam warehouse and helipad the larger of the 2 golf clubs I still have to do, the rest is mainly photos of the airport I need and thanks to vegasjon777 I think we now have that part covered. cheers Ken
  15. And the beat goes on

    marathon flight great adventure, awesome