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  1. Another great tour
  2. I doubt it mate , were in pretty tight restrictions ,only essential services, can't even go to the beach
  3. Another top set, fingers crossed for a TE Tasmania.
  4. Awesome flight and documentation, brings back memories Claude Rd was my first ever scenery, discovered it while installing a satellite dish, very scenic spot, good trout fishing and Mt Roland is an iconic landmark
  5. Perfect location for a TE region, great post Gerold
  6. Personally I am a huge fan of PBR, to analyse the difference you really need a dynamic view. Videos showing how the light changes. using stills fails to capture how the light reacts. Immersion comes from seeing the light reflect our movements. Different sims use different shaders, some have been at it longer and are more accurate, add to that the learning curve for developers to be able to utilise these new materials. PBR is here to stay and will improve as the tools to implement it improve, the best screen shots will come from utilising the light, Photographers have been learning to understand the way light brings out the best in their subjects. There is a learning curve but the results are worth the effort. cheers.
  7. Grab Southern California, theres a lot of good airports in that region and they will all look better, I think its on special at the moment, I you like choppers this is place . I will check if thee are any grand Canyon repaints for the choppers and the otter. cheers
  8. fine shots, thats a BIG aircraft
  9. Top shots Jack, I was born not far from there, Ardrossan, true earth is the best way to explore. cheers Ken
  10. Simply magic, what a great way to relax, thank you for sharing these
  11. My heart goes out to you, please stay safe. Those screenshots are some of the best I’ve seen, thank you so much for sharing them. best wishes for the future, Ken
  12. Good to see your still around Trev, you chopper skills will make all those virtual sightseers very happy.
  13. Yes it has been added, we had to work with older imagery for most of the PR, but we did manage to source some imagery with the new bypass in late construction, more than enough to use as a Nav aid.
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