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  1. Superb set Adam, thank you for sharing them.
  2. Great flight Jack, it does appear that your cloud shadows are on but not everything is set to receive shadows, I always have everthing receive shadows or you get glowing trees . cheers
  3. Great stuff, green keepers not happy, did you replace your divots
  4. Magic set Mark, for me TE brings out such unexpected and rich variations that Landclass will never have, nature is the ultimate creator, I see TE as being the standard going forward.
  5. Never saw one luckily they use the area for low flying operations hence stay in the lane and don’t go above 1000ft AGL
  6. Love the detail in these fantastic stuff
  7. Fabulous lighting in these, great shots
  8. Superb captures and always enjoy good narration, makes it seem more real somehow
  9. Great flight, fantastic shots.
  10. Great shot and I like your thinking
  11. Gotta love sailing, and great shots
  12. Great way to discover the new scenery, top set
  13. Sublime light Iain
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