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  1. PBR shining through, nicely captured
  2. Love em all, thank you for posting
  3. Virtual Walking, wish more pilots would do this, adds so much to the character of the airport
  4. Orbx is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get. Superb shots there Jack
  5. Also my favourite time of day, these are superb, it just doesn’t get any better
  6. But the level of detail that Orbx provided is just outstanding. It is such a pleasure to fly here It is mind bending to think that someone hand placed all these objects for our enjoyment. Whoever & wherever you are - Thank you from the bottom of my heart He’s currently recovering from RSI and mental exhaustion cheers
  7. Nice one Jack, at first I thought the chopper was out of focus but then realised it was the heat effect. Traffic report shows zero cars. Certainly is an awesome place to fly.
  8. Some of your best work Jack, I really like these.
  9. Those shots are spot on!
  10. You have an excellent eye sir, those shadows are so much better, you should be able to see into shadows when closer to you, our eye opens up and takes in more light, shadows should only look darker in the distance. Thank you for this great fix.
  11. No 3 is a ripper, thank you for sharing these, and may you have many more adventures in PNG.
  12. Perfect plane with an awesome paint job for the location, thank you for sharing
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