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  1. do you have fly Tamps Vagas? this area is not in the Boulder scenery PR area,I'll ask some of the other developers if they have encountered this before . most unusual. cheers Ken
  2. Great set, thank you for the runway shots showing the PBR textures. cheers Ken
  3. Gotta love the Porter, great shots
  4. Fantastic set, love em
  5. Top shot Peter, keep them coming and a very warm welcome to the screenshot forum
  6. super set, great to see the terminal building getting some love ,thanks for sharing
  7. Smashing set, just love every one of them, thanks for sharing these Dario. cheers Ken
  8. top shots Jack, do you have fly tampaVegas intalled as that runway doesn't look default.
  9. Great colours, very interesting flight and well captured cheers
  10. Magic shots John glad your enjoying the area, they don’t have all those scenic flights for no reason. cheers
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