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  1. A few PTA tests

    Those look bloody fantastic, I’ll be trying that preset, thanks Adam
  2. San Diego to Catalina Island

    Great flight and shots, thanks
  3. Back

    Magnifico, lighting and atmosphere is awesome
  4. newcastle area

    fantastic lighting in these
  5. Alaskan Lightning

    great set
  6. Quiet Village

    great flying getting that thing down at Fane, superb shots
  7. It’s a Rotax, had 2 of them one on a thruster and another on a sapphire, the local CFI at Georgetown flew a thruster across Bass Straight several times, pretty ballsy, it wasn’t a matter of if the engine failed, rather just when, He needed special clearance to climb to 13 thousand feet.
  8. A rainy night in Georgia

    Great caps, that song brings back so many memories
  9. The Oz tourists start their trip

    Nice shots, gonna be a long trip, when you get to Devonport drop in and say hi
  10. Papua New Guinea

    terricic set, thanks Adam
  11. Tapini revisited

    thats a great set Jack, glad you got it sorted cheers mate
  12. More Pago Yellowcoptering

    Check the scenery library order, also if you have another mesh installed that has a higher resolution it will take priority, have you installed one of these newer meshes lately, if so try disabling it in the scenery lib and try again, you can re enable it after your PNG flight. cheers Ken