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  1. those shots are about as good as it gets, impossible to improve on that lot.
  2. great stuff, Use the Force
  3. made my day, great shots and even better laughs
  4. Pretty much nailed it here, great set showing just how good this sim looks.
  5. this could be something to do with the V5 default files
  6. at this stage I have no idea whats causing this, V5 has so many bugs and LM need to get a stable and compatible V5, that area has no PR from boulder in it it is outside the Photoreal area. did you disable fly tampa vegas an see if that has an effect. cheers Ken
  7. Great capture, and I love the cub, there’s some great upgrades to them, the got gravel is magic to fly, especially doing aeros in VR.
  8. Top shelf shots, Tranquility in the title made me think of Bryce, what a great surprise when the shots appeared, made my day
  9. Fine shot of the crime scene, Catalina almost finished, so hopefully a update with some update resistant goodies in the hangar. merry Christmas to all and thank you for all your great stories and screenshots cheers Ken
  10. Top shots for those with a sweet tooth
  11. Top shots Pete, always enjoy your tours, great looking pub.
  12. with a rudder that small it would be a death trap, nice camo shots
  13. Superb, the lighting in msfs is next level stuff.
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