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  1. Ken Hall

    YMRY Moruya to YSCB Canberra at dusk

    Marvellous colours and mood
  2. Ken Hall

    KAVX Catalina

  3. Ken Hall

    Guess which sim.

    FS2 is just getting better, wait till you see how good True Earth NL looks, especially in VR, great shots Emsie
  4. Ken Hall

    A narrated flight from 77S to &S3

    Corkers Jack
  5. Ken Hall

    77S Creswell

    Great to see these, thanks for sharing
  6. Ken Hall

    Justflight Corsair

    fantastic set
  7. Ken Hall

    Now with PTA!

    Everthing looking Ship Shape
  8. Super shots, you really have captured it perfectly
  9. That was one impressive flight, backed up buy that landing and turn around, great piloting, loved the commentary and awesome shots. That is going to be hard to beat. many thanks for sharing
  10. Ken Hall

    Rainy Roland

    Great seeing these, Claude Rd and Mt Roland we’re my 1st ever sceneries
  11. Ken Hall

    Recce mission from Port Moresby

    Great flight and typical PNG weather, very well captured, thank you for sharing these.
  12. One of the best PNG posts ever, commentary and shots were spot on, many thanks for posting these, I hope it encourages more pilots to test their skills
  13. Ken Hall

    NLD TrueEarth around Groningen

    great shots, finally we can use a map and landmarks to navigate
  14. I must try this, fantastic set of shots and angles, commentary was excellent, thanks for such an inspiring post
  15. Ken Hall


    Great shots