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  1. Somewhere over Switzerland

    Now that’s Flying by the seat of your pants
  2. xp11 Meigs Field by Dutch wink.

    Great transition from day to dusk, welcome back
  3. Spitfires

    Great shots of one of the most photogenic aircraft ever built
  4. This is exciting.

    Some of your best Jack, glad you finally got this beauty for p3d
  5. From the archives Goilala, 1960s...

    Wow, these are just awesome, thanks for sharing
  6. Buzzing out of Taree

    I did my first Nav flight from Warnervale to Taree, lovely shots of an old favourite.
  7. Hasta la vista Tapini

    Love that paint job
  8. Late France

  9. Few from PNG

    Love that bird, fantastic set Adam, thanks for sharing
  10. Dont leave your pc

    Where was the air hostie, mine brings me tea and bickies, or did she eat the fish?
  11. Here and there again

    Absolute masterpiece’s
  12. Different places

    All beauties
  13. Monterey meets Half Moon Bay at dusk

    Just doesn’t get any better than that Jack
  14. Joined the Big Head club

    Looks like heads are gonna roll