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  1. I received the attached error messages when attempting to load FSX:SE. I have no ides what's going on. Any ideas? Thanks, Jim Barrens
  2. Hi Nick, I'm not seeing a discreet entry in the Scenery Library for Knock. I've attached screen shots for my Scenery Library detailing the Orbx products installed. Please take a look. Thanks, Jim
  3. Thanks, Doug. That worked. I disabled EGGAA and EIKN and now they are both visible. But here's the real-world problem: I was flying for a VA to EIKN, and airport I had not visited before. I was three quarters of the way through the flight and getting ready to set up for the approach when I looked out and there was no airport! Was I supposed to pre-flight check to see if the arrival airport even exists in the Orbx scenery? That's not a workable plan. Maybe I'm missing something. But I spent $100 on this software and immediately have to fix it. And who knows what other airports are gon
  4. The first photo below is EGGA the second is EIKN. Obviously, there's a problem with the Orbx scenery. Any ideas? Jim Barrens Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5ec83104863fa
  5. Thanks for your replies...I appreciate your efforts. I've never had any permissions problems with any other payware products except Orbx. I've searched the forums and tried applying many of the suggestions I've uncovered. Unfortunately, the result is the same and the Orbx scenery will simply not install properly. At this point I've given this product line about as much time as I can. I guess I'll just consider this $40 poorly spent and move on. Thanks again.
  6. I have been unable to get the product to work. I ungraded to Windows 7 so I needed to reinstall Orbx Regions. So I ran OrbxFTXEURIRL100.exe (as Administrator) and got the FlightSim Store "Orbx-FTX:EU Ireland Wrapper" Then I got "Welcome to the installer for FTX EU IRL" I was told "this installer is 131027" It proceeded until I got this: "Error C:\Program Files (x86)Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\\Effects\Avalon_fx_Apron_light.fx A decompression error has occurred (#2026) Unknown decompression error" These errors all related to Effects with the .fx extension. There were 118
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