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  1. Is it possible I can have a step by step instruction on how to run Orbx FTX global base in FSX steam. I only know how to run the installer and after this the software is ready, but if I have instructions to make sure everything is setup correctly that will be a big help.
  2. How do you fix a registry, of all the software I buy I set the installer to install and the other companies sets everything correctly, where I don't have to go behind installers to make sure is set registries correctly.
  3. I have tried to follow the instructions on this page to make orbax FTX global base run on FSX steam but I'm having problems I'm getting errors, and the amount of money I spent on this and this company can not just create a new installer. I am so furious I would never ever buy another product from this company until they fix this problem E. Sanders esanders9863@yahoo.com
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