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  1. here is the screen shot…..
  2. Thanks Nick This is Nth of Sunshine Coast Airport regards Graeme
  3. Thanks Nick Fraser Island is a prime example…. regards Graeme
  4. My Boxed version of FSX seems to have high tide only along the South east Qld Beaches is this normal with the new AUv2 scenery ????
  5. No sweat…….I didn't buy it so all good thanks anyway Graeme
  6. I was mislead by the Email they sent about the May Sale regards Graeme
  7. Thank you…..I would love to try it as I take the Grandkids there often for a look see.. Graeme
  8. Just to follow up…..all going well still Am really grateful for your help Nick regards Graeme
  9. Thanks again Will work on it…... Keep well and stay safe Graeme
  10. Thats fine……. If they are in my Addon Senery file can they just be added to the Scenery Library as normal ?? Thanks so much for your time and skills that help us to get on top of things we don't understand Regards Graeme
  11. Well done …..I'll buy you a beer if you come to Aussie I have buildings at UK airfields looks much better…. Do I have to reload all my extra scenery individually Thanks Graeme
  12. Thanks I'll have a go…...scenery.cfg Think that worked?
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