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  1. Further to this, my sim had an OOM whilst flying over Canada from LGW to LAS. This has never happened before. A spike whilst in the cruise yes, but using all 4GB of memory 39,000ft above, this can't be right. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  2. Hello I appear to be experiencing a memory leak issue (high VAS usage) using P3D V3 and the FTX Products. I have all of them installed, including the new OpenLC Canada/Alaska. I did a flight last week from LHR to LAX and I noticed the memory peak. I had about 8% VAS remaining. As I got closer to LAX, the VAS reduced back down to, leaving me with 12% remaining. It went back up to having 10% remaining on landing, which was fine. On the flight I did last night, from SFO to LHR, the memory leak appeared again, but this time the VAS did not reduce, resulting in
  3. I did send you a PM. Maybe I can have a look via TeamViewer so I can check your BGL status. Cheers, Bernd Just noticed the PM and I've replied. Thanks for your help.
  4. Yes, I'm sure on this one. Loading up at the airport, taking off and returning to another works fine. I only have this issue when approaching GCTS. GCTS is also listed as disabled in the configurator. I could reinstall everything to see if I have a corruption, however, I had this issue in both P3D V2.5 and now in P3D V3. V3 was freshly installed only last week.
  5. All I will take a look and see if the insertion point makes a difference. But, this issue only appears whilst using the addon scenery for GCTS, not the default. As the second post states, this is also an issue at Las Vegas when using addon scenery. The scenery works fine when loaded up at the start of the flight but when you fly to it (like from Gatwick Airport for example) the issue with the trees appears. Thanks Matthew
  6. Thank you so much for your response. It is indeed a shame that I have to disable a product I have spent money on. Hopefully they will fix this soon.
  7. Hello I have P3D V3 (although this issue was also present on P3D V2.5) and FTX Global, FTX Global + Vector, FTX OpenLC and FS Global. I often fly to Tenerife Airport (GCTS). The scenery there is provided by SimBreeze. This scenery isn't officially supported for P3D V3 (support states V1 and V2 currently) but it does work like most airport sceneries. I had to use the Elevation configurator to correct GCTS, but this wasn't an issue. When I load up at GCTS, there is no issues. Everything is as expected. When I load up at another airport, and fly to GCTS, there are hundreds of tr
  8. Hi Alex Thanks for the reply. If I had the above combination all installed (once it is all released) plus FTX Regions that are available for increased visual awesomeness... what impact would this have on the VAS? With all these addons, wouldn't it cause the Sim to get close to the dreaded Out Of Memory error? Thanks again, Matthew
  9. Hello I have been looking into ORBX products and I want to push my FSX to the limit and make it as realistic (visually) as possible. I have a monster of a PC so it should be able to handle anything. What I am looking at buying is FS Global 2010 from PILOTS, FTX Global, FTX Global Vector and the later release of OpenLC. What I want to know is, are the FTX Regions an improvement again on the above conbination? Or would the above combination be better than the FTX Regions. Also, does the FTX regions replace the above combination in the area that it covers completely? If so, which
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