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  1. Can you @Ste_88please advise me what you have did at Kos? Just landed there and had with FSL Airbus only 8fps which was not that nice. Suddenly facing the terminal....
  2. Seems there was a problem with SODE and the update I installed from SODE. After removing it and did anew install now gates working as they should and they are present.
  3. I have the same problem, when approaching 26R I have no autogen till around 8nm on the approach. That looks really weir. I also noticed following: bad frames even the autogen is not there textures flickering especailly the marking at the gate for where to park GSX/AFCAD seems incorrect as GSX does not know about the gates or so. GSX will stop me many meters before the gate Maybe you should look into that again, even Tegel is closing but I think you want to have a good product. Thans for that
  4. Did someone else of you notice after installation that there are no gates in Tegel? I have static planes and also scenery itself with buildings looks good. I updated SODE and also GSX is up to date and even disabling it does not bring any result. Guess it's a problem on my side then on Gaya side but just wondering where the problem could be
  5. I'd like to suggest an airport maybe also for an payware option. Haven't found a general thread for airport suggestions but I guess the developer guys are reading that thread too. EDMK - Kempten-Durach Allgä Airport (Germanys highest airport and also base of the rescue helicopter Christoph 17) Website here but only in German: http://www.edmk.de
  6. I installed all 4 packs as I'm not only flying in one region but more flying across whole Europe. My FSX.cfg is not that much tweaked. I'm only using some of the well know tweaks like HIGHMEMFIX etc. and also done that by myself and not via that strange site (I guess called ventubo??). I'm not owning another landclass addon to test as FTX Global was working fine for me and it still works fine. Only problem is activating OLC which causes the problems described. I don't say that it is 100% ORBX fault or mistake but I just want to share my problems and hope for a fix. If no fix I will conti
  7. I've now done my backflight from Heathrow on nearly the same way and via same countries. As said I removed OLC and I now did not expect these prescribed problems.
  8. From my last post I made now several flights with OLC disabled. I did not get any blurry textures or long texture loading times. Today I thought after a defrag of my HDD to enable OLC again. That was a fault...shortly after take off textures started to get blurry and loading time of the texures increased sooooo much. I will disable it and also remove it for my next flight. That will save some HDD space and my nerves. Indeed it's a nice idea and a nice piece of software. But for me it's now useless. I still hope a possible patch/new version will fix that later. Till that I will continue
  9. Could you please post your fsx.cfg so I can compare it with mine? As said above I don't think my system is not good enough...Of course openLC looks better then only FTX Global but if OLC is causing these problems I better fly without to have a relaxed and nice approach.
  10. Due the fact your hints did not fix the problem 100% I decided to reinstall my complete FSX. It now fixed the 3D trees lost problem and the ground problem is now solved for maybe 90%. Now it reloads much faster. But on my todays flight from LOWW-LGIR I had the problem again during approach onto LGIR. Not so worse like on the entry screenshot but still not nice. I also think it still is a problem of openLC. I will do my backflight tomorrow with the Airbus again and then let openLC disabled to see what happen on approach to LOWW. Maybe the developers can fix that in an upcoming patch?!
  11. I removed and reinstalled ORBX Global but still no trees available. I also used the backup made by ORBX to restore the Scenery/World/Scenery files.
  12. Okay guys...as I woke up today very early due the fact a wesp was in my room I decided to do another testflight from LOWW to LOWI. I used the tweak by Peter as my FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION were set to 0.10. At all that gave a very small increase but during enroute cruise still blurry. After landing with light stutters I decided to remove FS Global 2010 and deactivate once again openLC. Now loading is much faster and sharper. But the main hint is still to disable openLC from FS. So I will now let openLC deactivated and will install FS Global 2010 again. Now I only need to fix the p
  13. I corrected it a bit but still no effect. I also reinstalled FS Global+openLC+ORBX Library. Maybe there ist just a file or something missing or corrupted? Here you have my ORBX "list":
  14. @Nick your idea is nice but it did not help :/ I have also no idea why it happened so suddenly as I had before that blurry ground a very good working and sharp textures FSX. I was very happy.... Even if I use my current FSX.cfg and only defaul Nvidia profile with no change. It's very strange to be honest...suddenly from a sharp FSX to a blurry FSX :/
  15. The newest library was installed on the day you released them. But I just reinstalled them to be on the safe side. But we got no change here...still no trees.
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