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  1. I was so surprised, I thought it would take a higher priority. I see a difference but it is smaller than I expected. I've only checked where it is spruce and pine forest. Must look at leafy forest as well. Thanks for your reply
  2. Hello. Has installed Terraflora 2 through Orbx Central and it was prioritized according to the picture. Is this really the right order of priorities for this scenery? Grateful for feedback.
  3. It looks really good. This is a buy. I see that you have modeled the extension of the terminal that's still under construction. Does that mean you will come out with an update when the construction of the extended terminal is completed? I was also at Arlanda some week ago and saw that there were new parking spots to the right of terminal 2 and also new hotels at the parking lot. Are you planning any update of Arlanda?
  4. Thank you Marcus. I visited Arlanda a few weeks ago and saw that several new houses / hotels were built near the terminals. I was going to write to you and ask if there could be an update with the new buildings added when suddenly an update came with these buildings and at the same time we also get moving jetways. Talk about timing. Now to my question. I am also a happy owner of GSX 2 and very much like that we now have the opportunity for animated passengers. Some gates at Arlanda have glass windows, but in your Arlanda these gates have tinted glass windows that make animated passengers not visible. See my pictures from Arlanda. It would be great if you wanted to make a change and make these glass windows transparent. I also saw when I Googeld Arlanda that there are big building plans for Arlanda so we look forward to a never ending stream of updates Once again, thank you for a great add on.
  5. I must say, I am very pleased with this package.
  6. Yes, that did the trick. Thanks Marcus
  7. Hello. My snow texture has turned grey for some reason. Very strange. Pic shows ORBX ESSA in January surrounded by strange grey snow. I have same problem with ESSD and ESNQ, surrounded by grey snow. I have Global and have reinstalled Global but now change. Anybody who experienced same or have a solution what could effected this? What files are the global snow texture? I have no global texture except ORBX, no add on mesh or other ground texture.
  8. What do "soon" means for you? The snow has start falling in Kiruna. We need to go there very soon
  9. This is great stuff. A must have. One suggestion is to look at Finland and maybe EFHK Helsinki I can´t find any 3rd party add on P3Dv4 at all for Finland.
  10. This is an interesting pack. So Marcus, when do you release it?
  11. Very nice. Do not forget to put winter clothing on ground staff during winter. Are you going to model mosquitoes for summertime?
  12. If I want these for both P3D4 and XP11, do I have to buy them twice? Have already bought them for P3D4
  13. I have asked the same thing and also received an unequivocal response back that "it comes when it comes". The message at the launch was that it will be updated next time. We've had more than one update now and write version 1.21. To reply "There will be an update when it is ready" when you have made a commitment is not okey. I know that ORBX does not give launch date, but actually it has been two years now and we're talking about an update, not a launch of a new product. That's a difference, for a launch we have not given you our money and can not claim a launch date, but again we're talking about an update of the software we already paid for. Since I can not expect an answer, would it be interesting to hear your opinion on how long it is reasonable to expect us to wait before we can ask again?
  14. Hi. The runway lights is very pale and hardly visible during night approach. Is it supposed to be that way? I have tried to untick the Marine lights but no change on runway lights visibility. Any advise or solution?
  15. Thanks for the update 1.21 of Essa but when will we have the update containing moving gates or Sode gates? It is over a year ago where promises was made for moving gates in next update. We have had "next update" two times now. Just wondering.
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