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  1. Does Global HD Buildings effect the default airport jetways? Ken
  2. CYYJ and other Canadian airports that work with Orbx. http://stuff4fs.com/ Payware quality!!
  3. Hey, tell that guy to get his cart off the green Looks great, another NA airport to being adding to my collection!! Supernova52
  4. Hey Guys, Thank alot for your replies. I do most of my flying in the Pacific Northwest (go figure since I live in Iowa) mainly because of the landscape in that area of the country. I have a few FSX airports that I have updated via ADE and Instant Scenery, but since those are in the CRM package coming soon I have halted airport modification pending release of CRM. I use AI from Ultimate Traffic 2, MAIW, HTAI package, Ultimate GA and the AIG forum. So while the airports in these packages are much better that the default and frankly better than mine, lack of parking and correct parking codes for UT2 and cargo aircraft are the two areas I am trying to update. I will save my major airport updates for places outside of ORBx coverage. That being said, I have experimented with ORBx ADE files and this is what I have seen so far. My first updated file, I edited the ADE file and compiled. However this deleted the ADE_CVX file and the elevation was messed up. (forgot to backup??) My second file update was a rebuild of KSKA (Fairchild AFB). I added an ADE file and IS Objects file, removed ORBx files and again elevations were messed up. I added back the ORBx files, layered my file on the top and it looked good except the ORBx scenery objects showed up with my objects. I added large exclusion rectangles to my ADE file and this removed most of ORBx objects. My third attempt was to add a ModelConverterX object to KSFF that I converted from Google Sketchup. This worked fine as I was able to remove the ORBx object which was replaced by my object. I then tried editing a couple of the ORBx airports (correct backups made this time) by adding some parking and changing parking codes. This worked at KBTM and KMSO but not at KGEG. At KGEG all my outside views failed to show any of the airport (except AI). After your response the other day, I tried editing the ORBx ADE but saving it in a different location in a higher scenery layer. This worked great at CYVR but again KGEG my outside views showed only green fields. (maybe it is something with KGEG). Anyway I'll try some other airports in this fashion and see if I can duplicate the problem. Any of you ORBx guys watching this post, I am only trying to modify these files for my Flight Sim enjoyment. I love your North American sceneries. Thanks again, Ken
  5. Norman, What implies changing the main structure of the file. If I'm just adding and changing parking, when is it a major change. I experimented with a couple of airports, at KGEG (Spokane) I changed the parking codes at the terminal and add additional cargo spots at the cargo ramp. When I went to the airport after compiling, the airport was visible from the cockpit, but disappeared while in spot and top down views (just a green field). I tried the same thing at KMSO, only changing some parking codes at the terminal, and it appears ok from any view. Thanks, Ken Neil, I added a previous version of KSKA (Fairchild AFB) on top of the ORBx scenery. However there are still objects from the ORBx scenery showing up. What is the best way to hide those? Thanks, Ken
  6. Hello, I was wondering what would be the best way to edit airports to add and change parking. I know that there are three files involved with the airport and I don't want to mess up the elevation or the airport objects. So would the best way be to open the ADE file, edit it and resave as exact same thing or edit ADE file save it in a different directory and layer it above ORBx files? All I am interested in doing is modifying the parking codes, gate codes, cargo codes and adding additional parking. Thanks, Ken FSS0088579: NA Blue USA/Canada Northern Rocky Mountains FSS0087931: NA KORS Orcas Island FSS0083479: NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Fjords FSS0068038: NA WA56 Israel's Farm FSS0068036: NA 3W5 Concrete Municipal Airport FSS0054348: NA 1S2 Darrington Municipal Airport FSS0054234: NA 7S3 Stark's Twin Oaks
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