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  1. I got to fly the B-1B sim a number of times back in my Air Force days. I remember thinking how my sim at home had better graphics... (FS5.1!!) Russ
  2. Allow me to cast a vote for the CH Eclipse Yoke! I like it because it has rudder pedals built into it, on the inside of the handles. Not realistic by any means, but it gets the job done without having to buy separate pedals. I also have 2 Saitek throttle quads, and this combo works quite well for the way I fly. Russ
  3. I would buy that or KDXR Danbury Muni!! Actually, BOTH!! Russ
  4. Once OpenLC NA came out (I fly almost exclusively in the US as that is where I live) i didn't bother to reinstall any of the regions when I did a full re-install of P3D a while back. Things look so good with OpenLC that I didn't see much point. Am I really missing something by going this way? Russ
  5. Sketchup is very useful for model making, such as buildings etc. It is easy to compile the models from Sketchup to use with Instant Scenery. Here are a couple that I made for my own use in P3D. Russ
  6. I'd like to add my vote for Danbury Regional, KDXR, whether it be a full payware treatment or at least added to the freeware pack. It is a very unique airport, IMO, and I think it would be popular with Orbx users. If you are not familiar with it, take a look at a video of the runway 35 approach, as the glidepath is BELOW the hills on either side! Russ
  7. Oh, OK... I was hoping there was some other scenery that I hadn't known about... Thanks, Russ
  8. Does the scenery go as far as Goodspeed Airport, Goodspeed Opera House, and Gillette Castle? Russ
  9. I took PPL training out of HVN in 1975. Got 35 hours in the Cherokee 140, then ran out of bucks and never managed to get back to it. So, I sim! Grew up a few miles south of DXR in Wilton... Russ
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