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  1. Yeah, you're right. Coulda sworn it said it was for both... My bad! Thanks!!
  2. I downloaded PrecipitFX (for free! Thank you!!) but it won't install. I get an error message saying: Error This product cannot be installed as it is not compatible with the following products. They will need to be uninstalled before this product can be installed. Unfortunately it doesn't say what the following products are!! Anyone have a solution for this?? Thanks! Russ
  3. I got to fly the B-1B sim a number of times back in my Air Force days. I remember thinking how my sim at home had better graphics... (FS5.1!!) Russ
  4. Allow me to cast a vote for the CH Eclipse Yoke! I like it because it has rudder pedals built into it, on the inside of the handles. Not realistic by any means, but it gets the job done without having to buy separate pedals. I also have 2 Saitek throttle quads, and this combo works quite well for the way I fly. Russ
  5. Thanks, Ken! KDXR (Danbury Muni) is a very unique airport as the approach to runway 35 has you going down the valley between two hills. If you look to the left or right on short final all you see is trees!! Check it out when you get the chance! Russ
  6. KHPN, KBDL and KALB are available from a little developer called FSX-P3D Scenery Builders. They aren't exactly ORBX class, but they're not too bad, and the price is right... The one I'd REALLY like to see someone do is KDXR, as I don't live all that far from there. Russ
  7. Well, umm, this wasn't an Enhanced Freeware request, actually. It was a general question as to whether there were any Payware airports, such as Chester, as I mentioned coming along in the pipeline at some point... Oh, well... Russ
  8. Since I live in Connecticut, I'm interested to know if there are any more New England airports coming. I really love Chester, and would like some more... Russ
  9. I would buy that or KDXR Danbury Muni!! Actually, BOTH!! Russ
  10. Once OpenLC NA came out (I fly almost exclusively in the US as that is where I live) i didn't bother to reinstall any of the regions when I did a full re-install of P3D a while back. Things look so good with OpenLC that I didn't see much point. Am I really missing something by going this way? Russ
  11. Sketchup is very useful for model making, such as buildings etc. It is easy to compile the models from Sketchup to use with Instant Scenery. Here are a couple that I made for my own use in P3D. Russ
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