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  1. Kool for Katz

    Thanks, getting it now
  2. Kool for Katz

    What is the plane? I might like to get it
  3. The passing of Monarch

    Apparently Britain is now staging the biggest rescue and repatriation effort since Dunkirk!
  4. Why can't I post?

    Nick I was trying to post a question about P3dv4 not saving waypoints in the P3dV3x Forum as well but it will not permit me to post. It says it wants a tag, I fill in the Title field at the top and the message, and it Still will not let me post! can you sort this for me, please
  5. Unabie to post on p3dv4 forum

    I was trying to ge an answer to a problem where P3dv4 will not dsave my waypoint data in my GPS when I save a scenario. I go back on a couple of h hours later and I am flying a great circle course to nowhere, any thoughts,
  6. Will not let me post, says that my heading is invalid I tells me that a title is required, whch I supplied, and a prefix is required, which it has never done before, how do I fix this, thanks?
  7. Why can't I post?

    This was in the p3dv3x forum
  8. Why can't I post?

    I keep getting asked for a tag, have never been asked before
  9. What traffic app are you using for P3D v4?

    Thanks, downloading
  10. Done at my request by David Blitch, for which, many thanks. Ought to be available within 24 hours. The RNZAF operated a couple of these planes during the 1950's (Purchased from BCPA) and wnated to buy more, but were ordered, along with the RAF to buy the bloody Awful Handley Page Hastings. The only 2 buyers, actually!
  11. What traffic app are you using for P3D v4?

    Where can I get the UT Live beta?
  12. What traffic app are you using for P3D v4?

    Where can I get UT live beta, please?
  13. In default, with global textures it runs very well, however I have had major problems with install ORBX addons (Booth NZ packages plus Aussie) they run, but elevations are all over the place! I am going to wait until the 12th of the month, when my download allowance rolls over and download an updated version, easier than trying to apply the hotfix, has anyone else had these issues? Note doe not seem to matter if default mesh and ORBX regions are used or PILOT's mesh, elevations are all up the wop and Australia causes it to lock up.
  14. I have just installed this FSX version plane in P3dv4, and taken it on a short flight, so far it appears to be compatible. I will of course be saving to buy the PMDG version, too!