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  1. I have taken them off, and am reprogramming my 2 VR INSIGHT tt and switch panels using FSUIPC 5. They are actually more useful. The Logitech panels don't work well with some planes like the Just Flight Tristar, but the VR INSIGHT stuff does
  2. John, I cannot understand a single bloody thing. WHERE do I get the p3dv4 plugin? I have at least 6 devices connected. 2 Saitek panels, a HOTAS stick and throttle, 2 Go flight panels, and a Raildriver. I do have a utility to disable windows 10 power management. Cathy
  3. Where can I get the drivers, I looked on the Logitech site but could not se them, can you lease post a link? Thanks
  4. What effect will running both together have on frame rates, if any?
  5. Any idea how I can get these things to work without having to use SPAD or LINDA? For Dummies version please.
  6. Does anyone have solid info on the New MS Flightsim?
  7. I am going to buy a 10tb HDD in the new year, how do I shift my installed P3v4 from my H drive to my new drive so I don't need to reinstall?
  8. Great. O probably will not by every True Earth product (not owning a Cray), but I will buy this
  9. Several, General Der Jagdfleiger Adolf Galland, and my two honourary uncles, Sgt. J.D Hinton, VC, and Capt C. H. Upham, VC and Bar
  10. In NZ in the Sixties, when I was a girl, the old WW1 diggers were the senior generation of Returned men, although there were a few Boer War veterans still going. I heard a few stories about France from them
  11. I have been absent over winter due to bad pain issues. I came back on to find OzX gone, has it gone for good? Thanks
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