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  1. I am going to buy a 10tb HDD in the new year, how do I shift my installed P3v4 from my H drive to my new drive so I don't need to reinstall?
  2. Great. O probably will not by every True Earth product (not owning a Cray), but I will buy this
  3. Several, General Der Jagdfleiger Adolf Galland, and my two honourary uncles, Sgt. J.D Hinton, VC, and Capt C. H. Upham, VC and Bar
  4. In NZ in the Sixties, when I was a girl, the old WW1 diggers were the senior generation of Returned men, although there were a few Boer War veterans still going. I heard a few stories about France from them
  5. I have been absent over winter due to bad pain issues. I came back on to find OzX gone, has it gone for good? Thanks
  6. Just Flight have one in development which will no doubt be P3dV4 compatible, Bernard Renk will no doubt be updating MyTraffic, but has health issues at present. Do NOT use WOAI packs as they will screw up your P3dv4 big time!
  7. Nick, has ORBX ever considered doing a payware AI traffic pack for worldwide traffic?
  8. What is the plane? I might like to get it
  9. Apparently Britain is now staging the biggest rescue and repatriation effort since Dunkirk!
  10. Nick I was trying to post a question about P3dv4 not saving waypoints in the P3dV3x Forum as well but it will not permit me to post. It says it wants a tag, I fill in the Title field at the top and the message, and it Still will not let me post! can you sort this for me, please
  11. I was trying to ge an answer to a problem where P3dv4 will not dsave my waypoint data in my GPS when I save a scenario. I go back on a couple of h hours later and I am flying a great circle course to nowhere, any thoughts,
  12. Will not let me post, says that my heading is invalid I tells me that a title is required, whch I supplied, and a prefix is required, which it has never done before, how do I fix this, thanks?
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