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  1. Cannot reinstall Landclass NA without error, even if uninstalled via red button, need help Thanks
  2. I will probably go with a Radeon Card for being a bit cheaper than the NVDIA and able to afford a better one, any recommendations?
  3. I'm looking at the RYZEN Family of CPU, any reccomendations?
  4. I will be buying a new rig and I intend to run P3d V5, what specs will I need to run it well? Does anyone know if Carenado, Alabeo and Orbx are updating their installers, and what about the FS Estonia tool, finally will I need a new FSUIPC? thanks Cathy
  5. Now its out for XPlane, can we assume it will be coming for P3d v4?
  6. TYHanks, I have a couple of drives but they are pretty full, looking at t 2TB
  7. I have Acronis but it's a couple if years old. How large an external drive would I need?
  8. I will be buying a new system in a few months. What is the best way to back up P3D 4.5 to an external drive so i can reinstall from there and have all of my planes and scenery withput taking days to install everyhting again?
  9. I am reinstalling P3d. I have my downloaded stuff backe up in the usual diectory. When i reinstall it apperas that Central is downloadingagian insted of installing form backup, is this correct? Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  10. Where can I find Elaines document, please? can you give me a link?
  11. Thanks that EXACTLY what i wanted to know
  12. There used to be a cheat to reinstalling all of your ORBX products with the earlier versions of FTX Central where you coud sva ceratain floder fro your old P3d Install and reinstall them to a new installation, thus only needing to reinstall Global. Can that work with 4.5 and the newer FTX Central? Asking because I will be upgrading my system later this yearand will need to reinstall
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