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  1. Is there a P3D V4 model of this aircraft available?
  2. I once had a doctor who served an apprenticeship as an electrician then done a Vetinary Science degree and then did A general medicine degree. I mentioned it to him once and his reply was "If I can't cure you or spark you up I can legally put you down."
  3. Except for the severe drought, bushfires in NSW and QLD and an incompetent, corrupt Government everything else appears to be fine.
  4. I am waiting on a new hip and knee. Above the weight the doctors say I need to be so trying to lose a bit. I think about all I have lost so far is my mind. I use a walker around the house but when I go to the shops or other places away from home I have an electric wheelchair.
  5. YBTH several other Aussie airports are available for XP11 as freeware.
  6. Maybe he has his sims mixed up. I have all three TE Britain in X-Plane as well TE Washington.
  7. I turn 73 in a couple of weeks. Come up and join the Old Coots Club John. Looking at all the replies here is seems we are all a bunch of old farts. I also have been simming since the Commodore 64 days and hasn't Flight simulation changed since those days.
  8. It sure does. I meant to add the 8 in my reply but you know how it when you are an old fart.
  9. Most of us have a 6, 7 or as the first digit in our age.
  10. Could be Mt Isa too. The lakes in the top right corner make it appear to be Mt Isa.
  11. Who's Mitchell is that JK?
  12. Australia V2 has been a long awaited upgrade. I've had my a**e kicked several times by JV over my insistence it should have been before several European and American releases but now I am a happy chappie. This will be a much appreciated download. A great big thank you to JV an the team for a great effort.
  13. My other hobby when not flying is model trains. I am just finding my way back into the hobby after a 25 year hiatus and still finding stuff I hadn't sold when my marriage went t**s up. Ex forced me to sell off my valuable models and most of the rolling stock but managed to hide some of them. Unfortunately she was as cunning as a s***house rat and while I was at work made an inventory of all models I owned and had a friend value them. The rest is history. As for reading when travelling? Best sleeping tablet I know of.
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