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  1. I spent 8 years growing up on a farm. I had 2 cows to milk each morning before breakfast then go to school. It was a daily routine for me but something I loved. On frosty winter mornings I would dip my hands in the warm milk to warm them up. Being a sheep farm we had a good supply of meat.
  2. I was born in 1946 so I am a relative junior but I also grew up in the era when you could leave your front and back doors open at night during the summer for air conditioning. Also if you went away for a holiday you could give your neighbour your house key so they could feed your pets while you were gone.
  3. Hi Sam, it works great for me too. Old age is a terrible thing sometimes. I also forgot to tick the box.
  4. Hi Ed, I will go and check it shortly. Something I forgot about.
  5. I am using The version Of Coffs that was uploaded to my Orbx Central on Saturday I think it was. Also I have the latest update of AUSv2. I had been waiting for Coffs as that is my default airport.
  6. On Saturday I installed YSCH Coffs Harbour into P3D V5.1 via Orbx Central but was very disappointed with its appearance. LM had changed the ICAO from YSCH to YCFS and it appears that both airports load at the same time. YCFS seems to be sitting on top of the Orbx YSCH. Is there some way that the default YCFS can be removed?
  7. OZx has a great rendition of Longreach. This includes the QANTAS hangar, the B-747, DC-3 and other QANTAS stuff.
  8. I do most of my flying in Australia and thanks to OZx I have many great airfields to fly to but resigned to seeing Orbx producing airports like Adelaide, Perth and Hobart/Cambridge. This is for financial reasons which I understand with a heavy heart. One airport I would love to see is YTEM Temora. Temora is the home of Temora Aviation Museum where almos all of their planes are airworthy with planes like the Lockheed Hudson, Gloster Meteor and the Canberra the only aircraft flying anywhere in the world.
  9. Where is the Ansett-ANA paint from?
  10. Is that the A2A C-172? I have the updated installer.
  11. My default Orbx airport YSCH (YCFS) does not show up in the Orbx Central. I own all the Australian airports and I find several are missing.
  12. I managed to get to the shop 10 minutes ago and it hasn't been released yet. Remember it is still night time in some parts of the USofA. And every man and his dog will be trying to get it early because they are in isolation.
  13. Still getting this problem with Orbx Central 4.1.4 Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D V4.5 Screenshot: unable to provide as I can't get an image by right clicking. Issue: Connection interrupted ...... trying again Cheers Pat central.log
  14. I am also having the Connection Interrupted trying again" problem 31-03-2020. I have tried all the suggestions re turning off Firewalls etc. but no dice. Tried to upload the log but it is too big to upload.
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